It was the month of September of last year 2020 when the Avenue Perfumeries He was returning home by bus after having won the first title of a new era in Bilbao. A LF Endesa Super Cup that they celebrated with enthusiasm on the road and while the music played through one of those portable speakers that are already essential for the teams in each of their trips.

Music of the most rabid topicality with which to keep the body active for several hundred kilometers and that completely changed the third when its new technician, the Vitorian Roberto Iniguez, launched his first request of the night to his players. A version of DJ Ozti of the classic “Sweet Caroline” and with which the perfumer coach surprised a squad that thus discovered one of their favorite songs. Chords that ended up becoming, over time, the unofficial anthem of a team that was overcoming the different adversities to the sound of its chords.

And it is that, among the lyrics of this song, Roberto Íñiguez found an inspiring lesson for a team that learned from it a clear message. And this was none other than knowing how to take advantage of every moment, giving himself to the maximum to the cause and without thinking about anything other than the present or what was to come. The best possible way to overcome those moments in which the Covid visited the locker room with force or those in which injuries left the team with just seven players available.

A mindset with which to become a indestructible team and with which to continue adding titles to the already extensive track record of an entity that found in this last season one of the fiercest competitions in recent years. Because both in Spain and in Europe, Perfumerías Avenida has been for some years one of the main rivals to beat both in sports and in an economic plane in which its competitors grow year after year.

For this reason, the Salamanca team has reinvented itself this summer from a market in which they have been one of the first teams to close their squad together with Valencia Basket. A period in which they have been able to compensate for the important drops in their roster with the incorporation of talent and projection in equal parts to, one more year, try again.

And it is that just as it happened in that inspiring 2020 and following the path traced in 2021, its new course will run parallel to the philosophy transmitted by that “Sweet Caroline” that the blue tide hopes to hear again through the public address system. Because its reproduction will be synonymous with success for a squad that will face the most difficult year yet in a competition in which winning is a little more complicated every year.


2020/21: Castilla y León Cup Champion (Bembibre)
2020/21: LF Endesa Super Cup Champion (Bilbao)
2020/21: Endesa Women’s League Champion (Salamanca)
2020/21: Runner-up Euroleague Women (Istanbul)
2021/22: Castilla y León Cup Champion (Zamora)
2021/22: Runner-up LF Endesa Super Cup (Tenerife)
2021/22: Queen’s Cup Champion (Valencia)
2021/22: Endesa Women’s League Champion (Valencia)
2021/22: Third place Euroleague Women (Istanbul)


Cat. Formation: Valencia Basketball
2003/11: Valencia Basket (Junior, U20 and EBA League)
2011/12: Ros Casares (LF Endesa)
2012/14: Fenerbahce (Turkey)
2014/15: Spar CityLift Girona (LF Endesa)
2015/17: Nedezhda Orenburg (Russia)
2017/19: Sopron Basket (Hungary)
2019/20: Dynamo Kursk (Russia)
2020/25: Avenue Perfumeries (LF Endesa)