Svetislav Pesic presented his biography ‘My game, my path’ last week in Belgrade in which he collects through its 450 pages, his experiences after 40 years on the bench and 15 as a professional player. The veteran Serbian coach, formerly of Barça, Girona or Valencia and current Serbian coach, went through ‘El Programa de Ortega’ to review current affairs.

Biography: “I write a book that more or less shows the life of a coach with all the problems that get in the way of the job. I like that my friend Pablo Laso never talks about problems when he has been without 5 or 6 players all season. Coaches don’t cry, they find solutions And that’s the message I’m trying to get across. I write about motivation, communication, developing a team spirit…there are many things in 40 years as a coach and 15 as a player.”

Serbian coach: “Being a coach is a new challenge, but right now the first objective is to qualify for the next World Cup and as we know, we will not be able to count on the best players. I will be able to give young players a chance. The first thing is to win and qualify and then think about the Eurobasket in September and I don’t think much about being champions yet. I don’t know if it will be my last experience as a coach because the coach only knows when it starts, but surely it is one of the last projects as an active coach”.

Obradovic’s return to Partizan: “Zeljko has been European champion with all his teams, but Partizan is a new project and you have to be patient because you don’t win immediately. Zeljko has all the knowledge and experience, but a coach cannot win alone. The project is very interesting and results will come, but you have to work hard and be patient”.

In a few years, Saras’ legacy as a coach will be seen. He has experience and at Barça he has everything he needs.

Svetislav Pesic, on Radio MARCA

The project of the Barça: “Barca he is always the favourite, he has arguments to win the Euroleague, but we live in very complicated times with coronavirus and you don’t know what can happen. Madrid will surely be there too because it’s not the same team as last year. Barça has everything to win again, but many games still have to be played. He has everything to get into the Final Four and then you never know because one party decides everything”.

Jasikevicius as coach: “Saras is a coach who develops every year, he has a lot of enthusiasm. His legacy as a coach is not talked about in 2 or 3 seasons but in many years. It will be seen if he wins or if he does not win and if he manages to solve the problems that arise. I’m sure Saras has great experience as a player and now he has a great opportunity because at Barça he has everything a coach needs and little by little I am sure that he develops as a coach. In the times we live in, the most important thing is the result and winning, but for me a high-level coach has to prove that he is one for years.”

Marc’s return to Girona: “Very happy with Marc Gasol’s decision. He is a great person, I have a special relationship with him and I want to congratulate him because I admire everything he does for basketball. He has made a historic decision to leave the NBA and come to play in the second division, but I know him and sure that next year he will finish his career in Girona to return to ACB.

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