Base of 1.80 meters tall and Spanish passport, Atienza has experience in the North American university league NAIA and in Europe where he has played in two campaigns in Iceland.

Likewise, he is an absolute international for his country, Colombia, where last year he was proclaimed league champion with Titanes de Barranquilla.

Statements by Hector Galan:

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Hansel Atencia to the team. He comes to complement the point guard position in what will be his first experience, not in Europe where he has played in Iceland. To date, he was doing it with his country and with the national team, something that is important. In cases like this of incorporating a player in the middle of the season, we hope that he can adapt well and soon. It is worth emphasizing his Spanish passport to close the operation ”.

“As a player he is fast and skillful, capable of playing creating situations for himself and his teammates. He is dynamic and has points so we wish him all the luck in the world”.

“The player’s willingness to be in Oviedo and in Spain has been decisive and we hope it will be a good option for the club and for him and we hope to enjoy his game soon”.