ANDn the era of small ball, when basketball orbits around small players, Real Madrid has two giants that began to make a difference on the first day of the Endesa League: Walter Tavares (2.20 meters) and Vincent Poirier (2.13 m.). Between the two of them they dwarfed the wrestler Hereda San Pablo Burgos adding 38 of the 81 valuation credits that the whites got.

Tavares was well known, since since his arrival at Madrid he showed himself as a decisive player. The same was expected of Poirier, although he could not show it in the games he had last season, when he joined in the final stretch. Lacking rhythm, the Frenchman could not reach the level he had shown years ago at Baskonia. As seen in the Super Cup, it is getting closer.

At the opening of the new season in the Endesa League, the two colossi were in charge of marking their territory by placing eight blocks: five from Poirier and three from Tavares. There are as many as the three-pointers scored by the team, which again weakened from the outside with an 8/27. Only Sergio Llull, who scored four in seven attempts, was right. Given the lack of aim of the Madridistas and the intimidation of the towers, it is likely that throughout the course there will be more encounters with similar records.

Rudy and Abalde, get set

Rudy Fernández and Alberto Abalde could not participate in the hard-fought victory against Burgos, but both will be ready for one of the games this week. The former has practically recovered from his slight left knee sprain and the latter has overcome a muscle injury to the rectus anterior of the right quadriceps. Madrid visits MoraBanc Andorra on Friday (9:30 p.m.) and receives Monbus Obradoiro on Sunday (8:00 p.m.).