ANDl Real Madrid, decimated by the positives of Laso, Heurtel and Causeur, and the injuries of Abalde Y Thompkins, which were joined during the match by those of Rudy Y Alocen, pressed in defense to cancel the enormous offensive danger of the UCAM Murcia and, on the back of a Poirier sensational (24 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks in less than 20 minutes), well supported by Williams-Goss (18 + 5 + 3) he scored a deserved victory (71-80) before the revelation team of the League. Isaiah Taylor (16), McFadden (11) and Davis (11), well defended, they barely tickled the whites, who only added two triples (2/12) in the victory.


Sito Alonso He was clear that his team’s options were to reduce the offensive production of the decimated white perimeter, and his players worked hard to deny triple attempts to their rival. But Williams-Goss read well the Murcian defense and penetrated at will to unlock it and Poirier, floated by lime, He took his wrist for a walk to drill the local hoop from the middle distance. Both, with 7 and 11 points respectively, shot their team (7-19, min 6). Just the entrance of McFadden reactivated something at UCAM, which reacted with a 10-2 run (17-25, min 10).


The locals tightened at the beginning of the second act with Beautiful at the controls (24-27). It was harder for Madrid to see hoop and McFadden and Lima, competing this one to you with the white towers, they kept the pulse (30-34, min 17). The madridistas lost due to injury to Rudy, with a puncture in the back of the thigh, and it was again Poirier, seconded by Llull and Williams-Goss, who led a new pull of the whites before the break (35-45). An income sustained with 20 points in paint, in the absence of triple to put in the mouth (1/4).

UCAM Murcia returns to make the rubber

In the resumption, Murcia continued to make the rubber thanks to Webb and Lima, but Williams-Goss, Taylor and Yabusele they put the counterpoint for the whites (42-53, min 26). And when Lima and McFadden they pressed the score, it was again Poirier (20 points before the last act) who prevented the locals, propelled with seven offensive rebounds in this quarter, from consummating the comeback (52-59, min 29).


It was the party of Poirier and Williams-Goss, and the connection between the two again short-circuited Murcia, with lime with four fouls, at the beginning of the final quarter, giving the maximum to Madrid (54-67, min 33). Poirier took a breath on the bench and Murcia gave one last push in search of the machado thanks to Cate, Radovic and Taylor (61-69, min 35). But the whites again pressed back and Yabusele and Llull made the ultimate getaway (66-75, min 38) and his team buckled the win (71-80).

Data sheet:

71. UCAM Murcia (17 + 18 + 17 + 19): Isaiah Taylor (16), Davis (11), Rojas (-), Webb (5) and Lima (11) -starting five-, Bellas (7), Radovic (2), McFadden (11), Cate (5), Czerapowicz (3), Malmanis (-) and Vasileiadis (-).

80. Real Madrid (25 + 20 + 14 + 21): Williams Goss (18), Hanga (4), Jeffery Taylor (3), Yabusele (6) and Poirier (24) -starting five-, Randolph (2), Rudy Fernández (5), Alocen (2), Tavares (6 ), Llull (8) and Juan Núñez (2).

Referees: Carlos Peruga Embid, Martín Caballero Madrid and Roberto Lucas Martínez. They eliminated the local Lima for five personal fouls (m.40)

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fourteenth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia before 5,218 spectators.