Lto the power of Poirier (11 + 9 + 5 plugs), the excellent aim (again) of Llull (12), and the crushing of Hanga (14 + 8) allowed the Real Madrid to carry out the first game of the Endesa League against a San Pablo Burgos with many new faces but who has not lost competitiveness, his hallmark, and who stood up to the whites until the end (70-63). Those of Laso they continue to screech in defense and attack, but their individualities appear in the decisive moments to solve.

The game was even until the middle of the last quarter, a great merit of the Burgos that kept the pulse starting with a big Kravic (8 + 12) and then with the green shoots that left three of their six new faces, Ten (8), Kullamee (8) and Mcgee (8). Those of Tabak, also a newcomer in his team, that was enough for them success and a huge defensive commitment to put against the tables a Madrid still rusty and with many concepts, especially offensive, still caught with tweezers. And that is very exposed when the triples do not enter, like yesterday until the last quarter. They entered one of Hanga and two of Llull in just two minutes and the game was over.

The beginning of the clash was marked by the attacks of Kravic and of Yabusele in both hoops. The Burgos pivot brazenly attacked Tavares and the gala tank of the Madrid imposed his physique by finding gaps where his team, one more day lost since the triple (1/7) and failed from the free kick (4/8) could not find them. Mcgee and Kullamaee, two of the new faces of the Burgos, took over, and Poirier did the same for the whites, who achieved a meager income (21-18, min 10).

Poirier, fitter than Tavares

The French pivot, fitter than Tavares at this start of the season, he kept pulling the white car in the second act. Mcgee and Nikolic they put the counterpoint for the Burgos (25-26, min 13).Llull, the MVP of the Super Cup, entered the scene to score two consecutive triples who seemed to unclog the rusty perimeter of his equipment (31-26, min 14). Answered Ten with another and him Saint Paul did not shrink and found the cracks in the permissive white defense to arrive very alive to rest (36-34).

In the resumption he finally made an appearance, albeit in an ephemeral way, the Tavares forever unbalancing. He scored, put in two blocks and captured a rebound in two minutes to keep the your team’s mini mattress (40-34). But Braimoh and Kullamaee they put the counterpoint for the Burgos, who began to believe it (41-44, min 26). Another who had not shown any signs of life either, Williams-Goss, appeared to score eight points and allow the Madrid came with an advantage to the last act (55-52).

Poirier, Hanga and Llull pass judgment

Rabaseda and Ten They showed that their team was going for the victory, but then they ran into the definitive offensive of the Madrid that came from the hands of Poirier, a hammer under the boards that placed two plugs that gave wings to his team. And flew with a basket yun triple by Hanga and another two in a row by Llull. Mahón’s airplane showed that it is still in shape after shining in the Super Cup and established the definitive advantage (68-61, min 39). The last attacks of the Burgos crashed against the mighty Poirier and Yabusele, with a devastating counterattack, he sentenced (70-63).