Jaume Ponsarnau assured, in his presentation as the new coach of Surne Bilbao Basket, that he faces “with great enthusiasm” the “challenge” of directing the Biscayan team and advanced that the fans “are going to feel proud of what they are going to see” this season on the track of Miribilla.

“We want to be a more proactive than reactive defense and make an uncomfortable proposal for the rival. We are going to play basketball well and from there generate a pride that must start because the group is a team, defend these colors to the death and spread the oil slick”, explained the technician in his first press conference.

Ponsarnau also highlighted “the fantastic work” carried out in recent seasons by “Alex (Mumbrú) and the club” and the “extra point of enthusiasm” that it means for him and for Surne Bilbao to return to Europe to play the League next season of Champions.

The Catalan, on the other hand, assured that he had “no doubt” about accepting the proposal made to him by the Bilbao Basket sports director, Rafa Pueyo, while collaborating with the Basket Girona coaching staff led by Jordi Sargatal, who last weekend week achieved promotion to the ACB.

“When the Bilbao option appeared, there was no doubt that my decision was to come here. Girona was informed, although I asked Rafa for patience to wait for the project to finish, which I thank him for,” he said.

Tárrega’s coach also commented that, when it comes to putting together the squad, Bilbao Basket has shown him that it is “a sensible club that adapts well to the situation” and was convinced that the market will provide them with “good options” , although “some bet we will have to make”.

On the other hand, Ponsarnau stressed that, “from the wisdom of understanding that it is very important to continue” in the ACB, the first objective is “to be one of the 16 best teams” in the Endesa League and, once achieved, achieve the best classification possible.

“On a personal level, my challenge is to show that I have the ability to do well in a place like Bilbao. Things didn’t go well in Zaragoza. Sometimes it happens that you don’t find the key, but it has given me enormous experience to be a better coach and that It’s what I want to show,” he stressed.

For his part, Rafa Pueyo revealed that the reasons for offering Ponsarnau the Miribilla bench were “his technical and tactical knowledge, his long experience both in the ACB and in European competitions” and that he is also a “methodical and hard-working” coach “.

“But, above all, what has decided us to add Jaume to our project is that he has had no doubts. He wanted to be here. He has confidence in himself and in Bilbao Basket and I am convinced that that confidence will go away to turn into a good job and that the results follow”, he explained.

Via Marca.com