Positives of Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde in the concentration of the Spanish Basketball Team


The players Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde have tested positive for COVID in the last PCR tests that have been carried out, following FIBA ??protocols, during the concentration of the Spanish Women’s Basketball Team prior to the Eurobasket 2021 dispute. The rest of the expedition has been negative in the repetition of these tests carried out this morning, although the match that was to be played tonight against Italy has been suspended as a safety measure. Both players are asymptomatic and are isolated from the rest of the group until their evolution is known and the pertinent sports decisions are made.

The Spanish Basketball Federation wants to highlight that these positives have been detected thanks to the strict compliance with the security measures and analysis of the players and the coaching staff that are being followed under the indications of FIBA ??and the FEB’s own protocols. The two players tested positive in a control test yesterday, and were immediately placed in isolation. This morning the PCR tests were repeated on the whole team and both their positives and the negatives of the rest of the Spanish delegation were confirmed. The main concern of the Federation at the moment is the health of both players, who are well and without symptoms.

The FEB had been working for days with a small parallel bubble of players, who are now available in case it were necessary for Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde to be replaced. In any case, it will wait until its evolution is known to make a final decision on its inclusion in the final list that will be played at the Women’s Eurobasket in Valencia between June 17 and 27.

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