With Maloste and the Palau d’Esports as venues, Wednesday night will bring us two of the competition’s postponed duels with the possibility of positioning themselves in the different objectives at stake.

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Little by little, Tenerife has been recovering its regularity and that has allowed Claudio García’s men to be able to leave the last place in the table, but the defeat suffered last weekend forces Lointek Gernika to opt yes or yes for the triumph in Gernika. Because only in this way, the Canarian team will be able to continue opting for a red-hot permanence during the last days. Although this means having to overcome one of the strong teams in the competition, a Lointek Gernika that will have its main concern in the figure of its ex Gaby Ocete. The brains of a team that they will have to neutralize in order to recover their pulse in a high part that will experience their second assault of the night from La Seu d’Urgell.

And it is that it will be the Palau d’Esports that picks up the witness on a night in which Cadí La Seu will recover their duel from Matchday 20 against Kutxabank Araski. An important clash for both teams, but especially for a team from Vitoria that, in case of victory, could definitively put land in the middle of permanence to start thinking about higher levels. But this will depend on the result that occurs on a track where Cadí La Seu hopes to be able to maintain its winning inertia to become strong in fourth place in the table.


– Casademont Zaragoza vs. Cadi La Seu (71-42) | MVP: M. Hempe – 22 val.
– Valencia Basket vs Spar Girona (55-61) | MVP: C. Ouviña – 22 val.


– Movistar Students vs. Spar Gran Canaria (53-56) | MVP: S. Koné – 28 val.
– Duran Machinery Ensino vs Campus Promete (61-55) | MVP: M. Diarra – 20 val.
– Baxi Ferrol vs Innova-tsn Leganés (70-50) | MVP: T. Koenen – 18 val.
– Lointek Gernika vs. Tenerife (X-8:00 p.m.) |
– Kutxabank Araski vs. Amb. Pajariel Bembibre (March 22) |
– Perfumerías Avenida vs IDK Euskotren (March 30) |


– Tenerife vs. Baxi Ferrol (73-58) | MVP: H. Gorecki – 22 val.
– Lointek Gernika vs. Valencia Basket (62-72) | MVP: B. Allen – 22val
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Duran M. Ensino (73-61) | MVP: S. Koné – 30 val
– IDK Euskotren vs. Casademont Zaragoza (65-35) | MVP: M Coulibaly – 16 val
– Perfumeries Avenue vs. Movistar Students (71-70) | MVP: N. Fingall – 22val
– Innova-tsn Leganés vs Spar Girona (59-100) | MVP: R. Gardner – 22val
– Campus Promete vs. E. Pajariel Bembibre (77-50) | MVP: P. Estebas – 18 val


– Cadí La Seu vs. Kutxabank Araski (X-8:00 p.m.) |