Oxygen ball for Levitec Huesca after the victory won by the Huesca team on their visit to Ourense. A meeting in which the defeat could well have been expensive, but in which the players of the Aragonese team offered one of their best versions to be able to save the first final of the season. An encounter that brings an extra life to a team that will have to continue fighting during the last two days.

FORECASTS F.2 – J.12: 2/9 at La Quiniela de… Diogo Britto (Ibereólica Ourense)

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PERMANENCE GROUP: Levitec Huesca saves its first match-ball to stay alive

Ibereólica Ourense vs Levitec Huesca (65-91) / Statistics

The COB runs out of gasoline after passing through changing rooms

Levitec Huesca continues alive after its triumph in Ourense and the Ibereólica’s arrival in first place after the defeat is complicated. That could be the main starter of a night in which both teams met on the Pazo court for the dispute of the first of their two games in just 96 hours. A duel in which the locals managed to maintain the type during the first bars after almost 20 days without playing and in which they were able to endure the first exchange of blows proposed by Levitec (20-21). Trying to impose their rhythm of play, Levitec Huesca was able to take the initiative during the first minutes of the second quarter, but their desire was not entirely enough against a COB that continued to resist despite difficulties (39-43). It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when the visitors began to put land in the middle thanks to their greater exterior success against a COB for which the ring was beginning to close and the forces no longer accompanied him as in the first bars ( 40-68). Only visits to 4.60 allowed the COB to hold the scoring rhythm in a final quarter in which, however, they could no longer reduce differences against a Levitec Huesca launched for victory. A triumph with which to extend his options of permanence (65-91).

MVP: Evan Yates (Ibereólica Ourense) – 20 valuation