The LEB Gold League was updated on a Wednesday night in which the competition recovered up to six of the postponed matches of a Wednesday day that had begun last Sunday morning with the triumph of ICG Força Lleida and that will end in a few days with the postponed duel between Levitec Huesca and Tizona Universidad de Burgos. A day that ratified the strength of the teams from Group B as well as the importance of the home court factor in the final stretch of the course.

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FORECASTS: 6/8 in La Quiniela de … Marcus Toledo (ICG Força Lleida)

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ICG Forca Lleida vs Cáceres P. Humanidad (72-70) / Statistics

A triumph as tight as it is valuable for an ICG Força Lleida that recovers its essence

Catalans and Extremadurans gathered on the Barris Nord floor last Sunday morning to be the first to recover their postponed match of Day 9. And the clash was tremendously attractive and full of alternatives on the scoreboard. He started dominating the ICG Força Lleida with Michael Buchanan making himself big in the paint. Cáceres reacted with Raven Barber, although the Catalans reached the decisive moment ahead. A 0-7 run with a triple from 9 meters by Devin Schmidt made it 66-70 with a minute to go. The Catalans reacted and four points from Vecvagars put the tie with three seconds to go. He missed the free throw, but the rebound went to Michael Carrera, who scored the basket that gave the victory very forced (72-70).

MVP: Michael Buchanan (ICG Força Lleida)


TAU Castelló vs Río Breogán (86-70) / Statistics

The leader falls before the forcefulness of the Eastern teams

A meeting that promised intense emotions had not started badly for the Breogán River and in which Diego Epifanio’s men were able to take the lead during the first blows of the clash (18-19). But things did not take long to get complicated for the leader of the category in a duel in which the TAU Castelló took out its most competitive version at the beginning of a second quarter in which Adala Moto began to do his thing (42-33) . With a dozen goals in their favor, Toni Ten’s men faced the second half with greater confidence, knowing how to play perfectly with the game tempo and making the most of their external success to contain their rival. Thus, the Castellón managed to reach the final stage ready to close a triumph of those that provide prestige and confidence in the face of the most decisive stage of the season (86-70).

MVP: Adala Moto (Río Breogán) – 26 rating

HLA Alicante vs Clínica Sur Aspasia RVB (108-69) / Statistics

The South Clinic falls into a great second part of Alicante

They were facing one of the most complicated matches of this second phase, but HLA Alicante knew how to sign one of the best matches in their history in the competition to treat their fans with a triumph for history. A duel in which the winning inertia of the always infallible Justin Pitts marked differences from the first bars to put land in the middle against an opponent who had trouble finding their offensive virtues (45-29). Thus, Pedro Rivero’s men reached the third quarter with the match fully controlled and waiting for the visitors to step forward in search of the comeback, but the great start of the Alicante team, with 38 points in just 10 minutes, ended with reduce the visiting team’s chances of victory to a minimum. Because neither the points of Nacho Martín nor the work on the rebound of Sergio de la Fuente was already enough at the time of being able to put Hugo López’s men back into the game (108-69).

MVP: Justin Pitts (HLA Alicante) – 28 rating

Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (74-65) / Statistics

Covirán acquires an extra dose of confidence against a solid rival

One of those games with which to gain confidence for a Covirán Granada that fought from start to finish to overcome the good start of its rival. Because Leyma Coruña had arrived at the Palacio de los Deportes ready to win a victory that seemed close to the brink of halftime (29-32). But it was the emergence of Bamba Fall in the inner game that caused the first problems for the A Coruña team. Because his 16 points, together with the work on the rebound of Thomas Bropleh and Edu Gatell was more than enough to be able to overcome the crash and take differences in the face of a final section in which Pablo Pin’s men had no problems to close the crash ( 74-65).

MVP: Bamba Fall (Covirán Granada) – 18 rating

CB Almansa with Afanion vs Destino Palencia (82-78) / Statistics

CB Almansa with Afanion gives a prestigious victory to his fans

Dog-to-dog match between CB Almansa with Afanion and a Destino Palencia that could not impose its game throughout 40 minutes of intensity. Because the duel was a constant exchange of blows in which dominance on the scoreboard changed hands over and over again. An inertia that was maintained during the first three quarters despite the attempts of both sides to uncheck and in which it was the weight of the rebound that ended up declining the balance. A facet in which Sergio Mendiola stood out as usual to be able to leave a valuable victory at home. A tribute to the local fans on one of those nights that help teams grow (82-78).

MVP: Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa Afanion) – 21 rating

Real Murcia Bto vs Melilla Sport Capital (65-68) / Statistics

New step at the forefront of a growing Melilla Sport Capital

New step forward in the fight for permanence for a Melilla Sport Capital that does not yet know defeat in this second phase of competition. Although, on this occasion, with a lot of suffering since Real Murcia Baloncesto resisted until the end in a match in which they had started beating their rival in the electronic (25-12). Advantages in which a whole former visitor like Juan Rubio played a decisive role and which were reduced to the slightest expression throughout a second quarter of Melilla’s recovery (38-40). Thus, the game entered a new dimension after the restart, with an exchange of blows between one team and the other that led to an even end. In that field, the people of Melilla knew how to move better, with greater success and making fewer errors to be able to add a valuable victory (65-68).

MVP: Jaron Martin (Real Murcia Baloncesto) – 20 efficiency

Girona Basketball vs Ibereólica Ourense (89-77) / Statistics

The leader remains solid in his Playoff wishes

Add and follow Bàsquet Girona in its objective of being able to rejoin the Playoffs by promotion from a group due to the permanence in which Carles Marco’s men remain intractable. On this occasion, after achieving a hard-fought victory against Ibereólica Ourense with which to maintain the first place in the table after 40 minutes of offensive intensity. A duel that awarded Josep Busquets a doctorate in the category and in which the lack of exterior success did not pose any problem for the Girona people to maintain a high pace of play that Ibereólica Ourense could not withstand during the second half (89 -77).

MVP: Josep Busquets (Bàsquet Girona) – 30 valuation


Liberbank Oviedo vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (105-67) / Statistics

Solid meeting of a Liberbank Oviedo ready for anything

In the last match of the day – waiting for the postponed duel in Huesca – Liberbank Oviedo has been able to star in one of the most authoritarian victories of the day against a Palmer Alma Mediterránea who could not stand his high pace of play. Because Natxo Lezkano’s men started the game ready to take control with good ball circulation and a remarkable success with which to mark the first differences (23-14). Although it was the 29 goals scored after the first intermission that prompted the candidacy of the Oviedo team to a triumph that they opposed with eight of their players reaching the double valuation digits. Because Liberbank Oviedo was simply more plugged in against a rival who weighed 21 turnovers on a night in which only Pol Figueras could disturb the home team for some moments (105-67).

MVP: Marc Norelia (Liberbank Oviedo) – 29 valuation