EasyCharger Palencia bids farewell to its chances of being able to be in the Princess of Asturias Cup and does so after losing to a direct rival such as ICG Força Lleida who prolonged the dream of both the dispute and its possible organization with a winning basket of Albert Lafuente on the horn.

FORECASTS: 4/9 in The pool of… Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa with Afanion)

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It was not going to be easy for the ICG Força Lleida to be able to prevail in Palencia since the people from Lleida arrived in the city with two sensible casualties, that of their point guards Thomas Schreiner and Juani Marcos. A handicap that did not bother Gerard Finds’s team in the least, who was able to stand up to the physical demands of his rival from the start. Although the main problem, already on the field, came for them with the level of success of a Blumbergs who kept his team ahead during the first half with small incomes that seemed to invite optimism. Especially at the break when the +10 in the electronic seemed to herald a comfortable second half for Palencia. But far from it, ICG Força Lleida returned to the court with its best version to level the match again and take the clash to a toss-up. An end in which the locals seemed to control the clash, but a free kick missed by Juan Rubio with 7 seconds to go and with +1 on the scoreboard left Lleida with one last option. And there, captain Albert Lafuente did not fail to certify the victory. Thus, the EasyCharger Palencia said goodbye to a Princess Cup to which the ICG Força Lleida will continue to opt (62-63).

In the other match of the night, Riazor completed Matchday 13 with a new victory for a Leyma Coruña team that seems to be getting air again in the League. And that Pedro Llompart was determined to prevent it from the direction of an HLA Alicante who fought with all his might. Especially with the 29 points scored in the second quarter where Gonzalo García’s men showed muscle before reaching a second half in which Leyma showed physical potential to finish tipping the balance in their favor (75-61).


– Covirán Granada vs. Juaristi ISB (84-68) | MVP: M. Niang – 25 val.
– Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs CB Almansa with Afanion (82-94) | MVP: A. Gydra – 26 val.
– Cáceres P. Humanity vs TAU Castelló (77-68) | MVP: K. Edwards – 33 val.


– Levitec Huesca vs. Melilla Sport Capital (92-100) | MVP: D. Van Oostrum – 31 val.
– Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs Bàsquet Girona (46-80) | MVP: J. Sorolla – 24 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs. Movistar Students (54-72) | MVP: M. Delas – 20 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs. CB Prat (71-95) | MVP: A. Parrado – 31 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs. HLA Alicante (75-61) | MVP: P. Llompart – 26 val.
– EasyCharger Palencia vs. ICG Força Lleida (62-63) | MVP: R. Blumbergs – 29 val.