Close, really close, Baxi Ferrol came to victory in Mendizorrotza where the Galician players managed to find themselves with comfortable income both in the initial section of the match and in the last quarter, but the courage of the Vitorian players together with the magic of Mendizorrotza ended for leaving victory in your locker.

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Baxi Ferrol arrived in Vitoria just 48 hours after having measured in Logroño at the Promete Campus and with an extension on their legs, but Lino López’s players were able to star in a great start to the game with a high pace of play. Thus, the departmental team was able to assume command of the party, displaying great foreign success and assuming a comfortable income that reached around twenty points. It seemed that it could be a placid match for their interests, but Kutxabank Araski was not long in getting fully into the fight for victory with a good second quarter that put their first comeback of the night on track. To such an extent that the women from Vitoria managed to reverse the score after passing through the changing rooms at the hands of an inspired Tanaya Atkinson.

Baxi Ferrol did not take long to show that they were not going to give their arm to twist and, with a new external impulse, those of Lino López were able to recover their income until they were 16 points up with 5 minutes to go. Victory seemed close, but at that moment, the ring closed for them and Madelén Urieta’s men did not miss the opportunity to sign a 16-2 run. In this way, the match came even to its last two attacks in which Baxi Ferrol could not take advantage of his opportunity, leaving the match in the hands of his rival. And in that field nobody seems to move better than a Tanaya Atkinson who scored the winning basket to leave the victory at home (84-82).


– Spar Girona vs Casademont Zaragoza (90-53) | MVP: Rebekah Gardner – 22 val.
– E. Pajariel Bembibre vs Movistar Estudiantes (61-70) | MVP: Laura Quevedo – 25 val.
– Innova TSN Leganés vs Perfumerías Avenida (69-79) | MVP: Amy Okonkwo – 25 val
– Valencia BC vs Durán M. Ensino (82-65) | MVP: Rebecca Allen – 20 val.
– Cadí La Seu vs IDK Euskotren (60-57) | MVP: Irati Etxarri – 24 val.
– Spar Gran Canaria vs Tenerife (84-42) | MVP: Sika Koné – 30 val.


– Kutxabank Araski vs Baxi Ferrol (84-82) | MVP: Tanaya Atkinson – 33 val.
– Campus Promete vs Lointek Gernika (To be determined) |