The Copa de la Reina has a new virtual passenger after the victory in Tenerife by an IDK Euskotren that imposed its pace of play at all times against a rival that could not find the desired turning point.

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He had to win the IDK Euskotren on his visit to Tenerife to be able to leave his pass to the Copa de la Reina seen for sentence and that was noticeable from the first stages of the game. Because Azu Mugurza’s team entered the court very psyched about their goal against a Tenerife that brought back their ex Gaby Ocete to star in a serious first quarter. In this way, those of Foncho took advantage of the initial insecurities of their rival to initially dominate an electronic that did not take long to change color. Because, as the minutes went by, the IDK Euskotren began to sit in the match, gradually imposing their pace of play and taking advantage of Coulibaly’s dominance under stoppages to be able to change the sign of the match. It was precisely his work on the rebound that allowed him to make a difference to be able to get closer to a victory that was a reality throughout a decisive last quarter. Thus, the IDK Euskotren certified its virtual pass to a Copa de la Reina that will become a reality as the last postponed matches are played.


– Campus Promete vs. Casademont Zaragoza (53-62) | MVP: M. Hempe – 23 val
– Spar Girona vs Duran Machinery Ensino (76-56) | MVP: R. Gardner – 29 val.


– Tenerife vs IDK Euskotren (51-74) | MVP: M. Coulibaly – 29 val.
– Pajariel Bembibre vs. Baxi Ferro (January 26) |
– Innova TSN Leganés. Movistar Students (January 26) |
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (February 3) |
– Kutxabank Araski vs Valencia Basket |
– Cadí La Seu vs. Lointek Gernika |