Movistar Estudiantes longed to be in the Copa de la Reina 2022 and for this it was an essential condition that the Madrid women could win in their last duel of the first round in Leganés. A handicap surpassed by those of Alberto Ortego on a night in which Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre took an important step forward in its fight for permanence.

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In a historic duel, since both teams were going to face each other for the first time in the LF Endesa, Movistar Estudiantes has been the great winner of a night that has rewarded the work of its players. Because the school team has achieved the last victory of the first round in the Madrid derby to put their classification for the 2022 Queen’s Cup on track. All this after a seamless match and in which Alberto Ortego’s men made their intentions clear already from the first bars of the match to sign a forceful partial with which to put land in between in the electronic (18-27). The meeting began to decant and much of the blame fell on an intractable Nadia Fingall under the basket. Because her push was more than enough to be able to neutralize the good work of Pierre Louis on the local side. Thus, the match was not in danger at any time for a team that secured a definitive victory with the final honk to qualify for the Copa de la Reina (68-80).

A few minutes before, the Bembibre Arena had witnessed another of the postponed duels of Matchday 15, this time the one that pitted Pajariel Bembibre against a Baxi Ferrol that let a valuable victory slip away. A clash that ended up falling on the local side after four quarters of intensity and emotion in which the Bercianas took the lead for a good number of minutes. And that Baxi Ferrol tried to reverse their luck at the beginning of the last quarter thanks to the outside success of the birthday girl Natalia Rodríguez, but the greatest local success ended up leaving the victory at home. One of those games that can be worth a permanence in the category (66-62).


– Campus Promete vs. Casademont Zaragoza (53-62) | MVP: M. Hempe – 23 val
– Spar Girona vs Duran Machinery Ensino (76-56) | MVP: R. Gardner – 29 val.


– Tenerife vs IDK Euskotren (51-74) | MVP: M. Coulibaly – 29 val.
– Pajariel Bembibre vs. Baxi Ferrol (66-62) | MVP: A. Melgoza – 22 val.
– Innova TSN Leganés. Movistar Students (68-80) | MVP: N. Fingall – 32 val.
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (February 3) |
– Kutxabank Araski vs Valencia Basket (February 4) |
– Cadí La Seu vs. Lointek Gernika (February 12) |