Irati Etxarri! That has been the main name of the night in La Seu d’Urgell to lead the local team to the conquest of a historic victory.

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The two teams had a lot at stake, but far from this entailing added pressure, both teams were able to offer their best version right from the start. Thus, we were able to attend a great first quarter in which Laura Peña and Irati Etxarri took charge of scoring on the local side to combat the success of Lointek Gernika. A start to the match in which the Navarran interior began to play war drums to announce to their rival that their time at the Palau d’Esports was not going to be an easy path, far from it. In this way, Bernat Canut’s team managed to go into the break with a two-point lead after a small comeback and waiting for a third quarter that, in the end, was going to be decisive. Because the small local partial, together with the offensive traffic jam of the visitors, led to income that allowed Cadí La Seu to be able to face the final stretch with greater confidence. And in this area, Lointek Gernika could do little before the confidence of a team led by their fans. Because, with everything to face, the team only had to wait for the final honk to certify a historic victory. The victory that placed Cadí in fourth position and, therefore, as head of the series for the pairing draw.


– Campus Promete vs. Casademont Zaragoza (53-62) | MVP: M. Hempe – 23 val
– Spar Girona vs Duran Machinery Ensino (76-56) | MVP: R. Gardner – 29 val.


– Tenerife vs IDK Euskotren (51-74) | MVP: M. Coulibaly – 29 val.
– Pajariel Bembibre vs. Baxi Ferrol (66-62) | MVP: A. Melgoza – 22 val.
– Innova TSN Leganés. Movistar Students (68-80) | MVP: N. Fingall – 32 val.
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (49-67) | MVP: E. Hof – 24 val.
– Kutxabank Araski vs. Valencia Basket (65-86) | MVP: L. Gil – 19 val.
– Cadí La Seu vs. Lointek Gernika (63-58) | MVP: I. Etxarri – 36 val.