Stellar Wednesday night in an LF Endesa that has closed its second day of competition with two local wins in two agonizing finals. On the one hand, with the historic comeback of the Spar Gran Canaria and, on the other, with a double extension, it is in favor of Campus Promete.

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DAY 2: Excitement until the final horn in Gran Canaria and Logroño

There were just a couple of games left to conclude the second day of competition and this seems to have ended in a big way. Two encounters resolved practically on the horn and that experienced their first major assault in La Paterna. There, Spar Gran Canaria came back, in just 5 seconds, a match that Movistar Estudiantes seemed to have won. First with a triple by Maya Caldwell to equalize the score and, later, taking advantage of a loss of the ball by Movistar Estudiantes so that Sika Koné put his team ahead. With only three tenths left to play, Nadia Fingall flew over the area looking for the tap with which to force the extension, but the basket came out of time and the victory stayed at home (watch video).

No less exciting was the match played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Logroño, where Campus Promete beat Durán Maquinaria Ensino in a match resolved after two overtime periods. A duel that was the first defeat of the course for the Galicians against a rival who knew how to exploit their options to the fullest knowing how to wait for their moment. Because, 50 minutes later, the greater freshness of those of César Aneas was decisive to leave the victory in his locker.


– IDK Euskotren vs Perfumerías Avenida (57-70) / MVP: Emese Hof
– Spar Girona vs Valencia Basket (58-72) / MVP: Laura Gil
– Cadí La Seu vs Casademont Zaragoza (67-59) / MVP: Irati Etxarri
– Innova TSN Leganés vs Baxi Ferrol (80-69) / MVP: Imani Tate
– Pajariel Bembibre vs Kutxabank Araski (43-50) / MVP: Tamara silk
– Tenerife vs Lointek Gernika (64-61) / MVP: Ivana tikvic


– Spar Gran Canaria vs Movistar Estudiantes (67-65) / MVP: Lydia giomi
– Campus Promete vs Durán Maquinaria Ensino (84-77) / MVP: Jovana nogic