Postponed J.20: Movistar Students demands self at the Wizink Center to achieve leadership

Signing their best match and the highest score of the season (105p), Movistar Estudiantes has achieved a valuable victory over the Wizink Center parquet. A clash in which Diego Epifanio’s team clearly beat Palmer Alma Mediterránea to match the 23 wins at the top of the table for a Covirán Granada team that will remain the leader thanks to the direct average.


The last four days will be a host of emotions after the victory of Movistar Estudiantes in the last postponed duel of the season. A centenary victory that has taken the schoolboys to the top of a table in which Covirán Granada will continue to depend on their own results.

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FORECASTS: 5/9 In the pool of… Pablo Sánchez (Melilla Sport Capital)

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Movistar Estudiantes knew that Wednesday night was going to be an important game and that the rival was going to demand maximum concentration. For this reason, the people of Madrid went into the game highly psyched, thus marking a high defensive level and knowing how to run the court to be able to impose their style of play. A start that once again had the presence of Javi Beiran in the starting five to sign a solid partial in just a few actions (10-2). Palmer AM Palma stopped the game, but his rival did not seem willing to relinquish control, repeating the partial again to fly in the fastest lap at the end of the first quarter (33-11). The game began to break down and there was little a Balearic team could do now that, despite scoring the first basket of the second quarter from 6.75, continued to give up in each action until they were 33 points behind on the scoreboard (60- 27). In this way, the second half became a mere formality in which the inside game of Movistar Estudiantes knew how to maintain the differences against a rival that was gradually recovering some of its offensive virtues. Thus, between Felipe dos Anjos and Kevin Larsen they were able to close a clash with which they once again reached the top of the table (105-71).


– EasyCharger Palencia vs CB Almansa with Afanion (68-57) | MVP: S. Mud – 26 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs HLA Alicante (79-93) | MVP: J. Van Zegeren – 23 val.
– ICG Força Lleida vs Juaristi ISB (69-81) | MVP: M. Ansorregui – 23 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs UEMC Real Valladolid (85-71) | MVP: St. of the Source – 25 val.
– Basketball Girona vs TAU Castelló (66-61) | MVP: J. Sorolla – 15 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs. Covirán Granada (77-85) | MVP: P. Thomas – 22 val
– Levitec Huesca vs Cáceres P. Humanity (61-68) | MVP: Jorge Sanz – 16 val

– Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs CB Prat (77-65) | MVP: O. Arteaga – 19 val.
– Movistar Students vs. Palmer AM Palma (105-71) | MVP: K. Larsen – 23 val.

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