LF Endesa reached its first official break of the season on Friday night and it did so with Perfumerías Avenida as the undefeated leader after having won a great match in Valencia in which both teams fought for victory until the end .

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It was clear that a confrontation between two of the best teams of the old continent was not going to go unnoticed and it did. Because both Valencia Basket and Perfumerías Avenida staged a great match on the La Fonteta parquet, showing that they wanted to be able to finish the first stage of the competition as first classified. This could be verified through the very high level of play with which both teams broke into the game and thanks to the star duel between a Rebecca Allen who added the weight of the Valencian game and a Katie Lou Samuelson who began to hurt her rival ( 22-24). A rhythm that both managed to maintain throughout the second act, prolonging a show to which was added the success from the middle and the long distance of Ángela Salvadores (46-47). The meeting and, with it the leadership, were in the air. Nobody gave his arm to twist and the resumption after passing through the changing rooms brought a new rhythm, much more leisurely and in which each team sought to secure their points. Therefore, it was not until the last quarter that one of the two was able to make a difference. In this case, a Perfumerías Avenida that took six rental points causing the rapid dead time of Rubén Burgos. But the break was of little use since the Salamanca seemed to be launched for a triumph that was beginning to take on a blue color with an accurate triple by Maite Cazorla. Thus, those of Roberto Íñiguez assumed total command during a few final measures in which they knew how to close the match perfectly to be able to return home as leaders of the competition (67-75).


– Valencia Basket vs Perfumerías Avenida (67-75) / MVP: Rebecca Allen – 26 rating
– Baxi Ferrol vs Cadí La Seu (54-61) / MVP: Irati Etxarri – 22 rating
– Durán Maquinaria Ensino vs Innova TSN Leganés (64-53) / MVP: Helena Oma – 20 rating
– Lointek Gernika vs IDK Euskotren (87-71) / MVP: Belén Arrojo – 24 rating
– Movistar Estudiantes vs Tenerife (70-56) / MVP: Ivana Tikvic – 16 rating
– Casademont Zaragoza vs Spar Gran Canaria (72-57) / MVP: María Bettencourt – 21 rating
– Kutxabank Araski vs Campus Promete (53-47) / MVP: Agustina Burani. 29 rating
– Spar Girona vs Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre (65-42) / MVP: Julia Reisengerova – 22 rating