Intermixed Days 13, 15 and 16, the LEB Oro League has recovered this Wednesday up to five of the matches of a first round that is about to place Movistar Estudiantes in the 2022 Princess of Asturias Cup Final.

J.13: Chronicle – Photos – Fifth period – 3/6 in La quiniela de… Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa)

J.15: Chronicle – Photos – Fifth period – 1/2 in La quiniela de… Éric Vila (Bàsquet Girona)

J.16: Chronicle – Photos – Fifth period – 5/7 in La quiniela de… Carlos Noguerol (HLA Alicante)

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It was, without a doubt, the most anticipated meeting of the night and it did not disappoint its spectators in the least. Because both Acunsa Gipuzkoa and Movistar Estudiantes took pains on the parquet to be able to opt for a key win for their respective goals. A victory that seemed to get closer to the Gipuzkoans during the first minutes of the match and after a solid start, but which began to take on a collegiate color as the quarters progressed and as Movistar Estudiantes got into tune in attack. Because, despite the loss of Jackson and the absence of Larsen (license after the match postponed), the Madrid team returned to the choral version to add a victory with which to put one foot and three quarters in the final of the Princess Cup (54-72).

Minutes later, the leading role traveled from San Sebastián to Oviedo to attend the landing of Bàsquet Girona in Pumarín. A game in which the Girona team, even with Marc Gasol out, played their best game of the season to forcefully prevail over a rival who could do little against the success of the visitors (48-80). Thus, the Catalan team gains positions as well as a Leyma Coruña that was also able to win away from their track in a nice match against a TAU Castelló that put up a tough battle and did not give up until the final stages despite the good work of the A Coruña team (80-85).

Although one of the most vibrant victories of the night came from the Pedro Ferrándiz in Alicante where a former member of the house like Pedro Rivero ended up imposing the law of his EasyCharger Palencia in the last seconds. A victory by a single point that seemed impossible just a few minutes before when, at the end of the third quarter, HLA Alicante was around twenty points ahead (71-72). The night was completed from the Polideportivo Pisuerga with a soothing victory for the team from Pucelano. A night in which the home team brought out their best choral version to be able to take a breather on the table against CB Almansa (84-70).

Already on Thursday night, important victory for Melilla Sport Capital in their visit to Huesca. A duel in which the people from Huesca could not count on important men like Xavi Rey, but in which they held their own until the end, standing up to their rival at all times. Because Arturo Álvarez’s men took the initiative for much of the game, but without being able to break away from a very successful rival from 6.75. A team supported by the intractable Devin Van Oostrum without being able to worry a team from Melilla that was very compact in the key moments of the game. Thus, Melilla Sport Capital put an end to its losing streak to be able to get some air in the table before their next away game on Sunday (92-100).


J.13: Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs. Movistar Students (54-72) | MVP: M. Delas – 20 val.
J.13: Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs Bàsquet Girona (46-80) | MVP: J. Sorolla – 23 val.
J.15: UEMC Real Valladolid vs CB Almansa with Afanion (84-70) | MVP: J. Pantzar – 27 val.
J.16: TAU Castelló vs. Leyma Coruña (80-85) | MVP: Z. Monaghan – 20 val.
J.16: HLA Alicante vs EasyCharger Palencia (71-72) | MVP: S. Mud – 18 val.
J.13: Levitec Huesca vs. Melilla Sport Capital (92-100) | MVP: D. Van Oostrum – 31 val