Including the duels played against the former Soviet Union, La Fonteta will be the scene of the 38th match between Spain and Russia. Without counting the matches against the USSR and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the total between the National Team and Russia becomes 26. Of these, eleven are friendly, with a mark of 8-3 for Spain.

So in the 15 official matches between the two countries, Russia dominates with a 9-6 aggregate. Although yes, Spain has prevailed in the last three official matches played. A streak that will try to extend this Saturday 26 (3:00 pm, Teledeporte) in which it will be the last Women’s match at the EuroBasket in Valencia. The prize, nothing more and nothing less than a ticket to the World Cup.

Russia was during the first decade of the XXI century a black beast for the Feminine. He was the executioner in the final of EuroBasket 2007 and in the European semifinals of 2001, 2003 and 2009; in addition to bringing down the National Team in the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals and in the 2008 Beijing Games. A series of defeats that were reversed with the arrival of Lucas Mondelo to the bench. With him as Coach, Spain beat Russia in the 2013, 2015 and 2019 EuroBasket. Two years ago, La Femenina had an outstanding performance in the quarterfinals in Belgrade. A triumph in which Astou Ndour stood out with 24 points, 12 rebounds and a pair of blocks.

Precedents in official matches

1. EuroBasket 1997 (5th to 6th place): Spain vs Russia (82-77)

2. World Cup 1998 (first phase): Spain vs Russia (70-72)
3. EuroBasket 2001 (semi-finals): Spain vs Russia (59-74)
4. EuroBasket 2003 (first phase): Spain vs Russia (64-61)

5. EuroBasket 2003 (semi-finals): Spain vs Russia (71-78)
6. EuroBasket 2005 (first phase): Spain vs Russia (83-77)

7. World Cup 2006 (quarterfinals): Spain vs Russia (56-60)
8. EuroBasket 2007 (second phase): Spain vs Russia (49-64)
9. EuroBasket 2007 (final): Spain vs Russia (68-74)
10. 2008 Olympic Games (quarterfinals): Spain vs Russia (65-84)
11. EuroBasket 2009 (semi-finals): Spain vs Russia (61-77)
12. World Cup 2010 (second phase): Spain vs Russia (67-76)
13. EuroBasket 2013 (first phase): Spain vs Russia (77-72)

14. EuroBasket 2015 (second phase): Spain vs Russia (66-57)
15. EuroBasket 2019 (quarter-finals): Spain vs Russia (78-54)

* In bold, victories of the National Team