Almost five years after the historic final against the United States in Rio 2016, the Women’s National Team returns to the scene at the Olympic Games. It will do it at 3:00 in the morning (2:00 in the Canary Islands) from Sunday 25 to Monday 26 July. A premiere that will measure the team of Lucas Mondelo with that of South Korea.

The precedents dictate a clear dominance of the Spanish over the Koreans: seven victories for just one defeat. The National Team prevailed in their first two meetings, while South Korea’s only triumph came in a friendly played in May 1996 in France. Since then, Spain has had five consecutive wins.

The first of that series took place on the fifth and final day of the group stage of the 2004 Athens Olympic tournament, to date the only duel in a Games between the two countries. Interestingly, the last two games against South Korea came in the 2016 Olympics in Nantes and the 2020 Olympics in Belgrade. In both, Lucas Mondelo’s team beat the Asian team, displaying a remarkable defense: 48 points conceded on average.

The Tokyo 2020 event is the fifth Olympic participation of the Women’s. So far, in its four debuts in some Games, Spain has presented two victories and another two defeats. In its premiere in Barcelona 1992 and Beijing 2008 it could not surpass China in the opening meeting. In Athens 2004, with the Czech Republic as a rival, and in Rio 2016 (Serbia), the National Team was able to open its participation with a victory.

All Spain vs South Korea
1986 (friendly): Spain vs South Korea (58-52)
1994 (World): Spain vs South Korea (89-88)
1996 (friendly): Spain vs South Korea (72-79)
2004 (Olympic Games): Spain vs South Korea (64-61)
2006 (World): Spain vs South Korea (87-57)
2010 (World): Spain vs South Korea (84-69)
2016 (Pre-Olympic): Spain vs South Korea (70-50)
2020 (Pre-Olympic): Spain vs South Korea (83-46)

* In bold, victories of the Women’s National Team