The fifth day of the LF Challenge has as its highlights the visits of Recoletas Zamora, leader, to Alcantarilla and Osés Construcción Ardoi to Alcobendas. Barça CBS-Extremadura Miralvalle, another of the outstanding duels.


The LF Challenge resumes its pulse after the dispute of the first week-long day of its brand new history. The weekend will start with one of the star matches of this fifth matchday: the one that will face Barça CBS with Hierros Díaz Extremadura Miralvalle at the Palau Juan Carlos Navarro. The second and third classified measure forces with the intention of recovering after their respective stumbles at home this past Tuesday.

On Saturday there will also be another outstanding event at the Antela Parada, with the duel between a Pacisa Alcobendas who has defeated Barça CBS and an Osés Construcción Ardoi undefeated so far, although yes, with one less game played.

The Navarrese team has its pending duel against Hozono Global Jairis for November 1. The Murcian team will star in the other renowned event on Sunday, receiving the undefeated leader Recoletas Zamora. A great match in which two interiors will be present who already know what it is to be MVP of the day: Erika de Souza (in the second) and Nneka Ezeigbo (Recoletas Zamora).

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DAY 5:

Saturday 16th

  • Barça CBS vs Hierros Díaz Extremadura Miralvalle (4:00 p.m.)
  • Lima-Horta Barcelona vs Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB (6:00 p.m.)
  • Pacisa Alcobendas vs Osés Construcción Ardoi (7:00 p.m.)
  • Manuela Fundación Raca vs NB Paterna (7:00 p.m.)
  • Sinergia Soluciones Real Canoe vs Club Joventut Badalona (7:30 p.m.)
  • Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres vs Advisoria Mataró Maresme (8:00 p.m.)

Sunday 17th

  • CAB Estepona JCDS vs Celta Zorka Recalvi (11:30 hours)
  • Hozono Global Jairis vs Recoletas Zamora (12:00 hours)

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