ANDl Valencia Basket closed its streak of two league losses this Thursday and recovered part of its options to qualify for the Copa del Rey at the expense of a Monbus Obradoiro that, although it punished another bad start from the locals from the line of three, it came down when they understood that they had to give up long shots and increase and maintain their energy and intensity in defense to take the shock.

Valencia made its umpteenth bad start because, although the presence of Joan Peñarroya after two games absent due to covid-19 gave it a little more energy, it still lacks defensive toughness. That certainty of not being able to stop his rivals has ended up weighing down his confidence on both sides of the track, something that the Obradoiro took advantage of with Birutis’ work near the basket and with three triples to open a gap (8-19, m.7 ).

The serenity of Sam Van Rossom and Xabi López-Arostegui reassured the locals and allowed them to get into the match but the locals continued to concede triples released with which Braydon Hobbs and Kassius Robertson kept the Galician team ahead.

Valencia tried to imitate that formula but, lacking security, had to resign, also encouraged by its coach to do so. Finally, the presence of Cuban Jasiel Rivero gave him energy and new options to cut the disadvantage before the break, although a new triple by Thomas Scrubb made his improvement shine (32-38, m.20).

In the resumption, Valencia read the game better and, although at first a couple of imbalances allowed Obradoiro to regain his advantage and take it to eleven points, the good direction of Dimitrijevic, the points of Klemen Prepelic and a couple of counterattacks allowed him get close despite Scrubb’s triples (47-48, m.26).

The award for his improvement raised the confidence of the locals who ended up taking the lead and put the mettle of Obradoiro to the test, for whom Valencia’s rise in the line created problems even to get the ball (59-51, m. 30) .

The presence of two point guards (Van Rossom and Martin Hermannson) on the track gave Valencia stability and consistency and led to further losses in the surpassed Galician team that barely managed to score if it was not from the free throw line and was also erratic from there.

Prepelic’s triples sentenced the crash and allowed Valencia to enjoy a placid end after several very difficult weeks and also to get a good bag of points for the ‘basket average’ that can end up deciding the classification for the Copa del Rey, which It no longer seems so far for the de la Fonteta.

Data sheet:

91 – Valencia Basket (18 + 14 + 27 +): Hermannsson (6), Dimitrijevic (10), Puerto (-), Pradilla (4), Tobey (4) -five starters- Prepelic (20), López-Arostegui (15), Van Rossom (5), Dubljevic (16) , Rivero (9) and Labeyrie (2).

71 – Monbús Obradoiro (24 + 14 + 13 +): Hobbs (8), Robertson (12), Scrubb (15), Ellenson (4), Birutis (8) -five starter- Vicedo (-), Okouo (8), Zurbriggen (6), Oliver (-), Huguet ( -), Muñoz (3) and Filipovity (7).

Referees: Martín Caballero, Serrano and Fernández. Without eliminated.

Incidents: postponed match corresponding to the NN day of the Endesa League regular phase that was postponed due to several cases of covid 19 in the Valencian team played at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion before 3,026 spectators.