The team that will compete in the World Cup in Debrecen (Hungary) from August 7 to 15 has already been called. Mario López, Anna Montañana and David Muñoz will have a preselection of 16 players to start the preparation.

It will be the great event for women’s basketball training. The U19F World Cup will measure the strengths of the 2002 generation with the rest of the world powers. For the appointment the coach of Lointek Gernika, Mario Lopez, will be the technical manager, assisted by Anna Montañana Y David Muñoz.

The summoned list is made up of Laia Lamana (Snatt’s Sant Adrià), Mama Dembele (Missouri Tigers), Alba Orois (Maine Black Bears), Claudia Contell (Valencia B), Begoña de Santiago (Movistar Students), Txell Alarcon (Campus Promises), Cristina Mato (Movistar Students) Julia Rueda (Barça CBS), Elena Buenavida (XXI century), Marta Morales (XXI century), Gisela Sanchez (XXI century), Marta Suarez (Tennesse Lady Vols), Gedna Capel (Snatts F. Sant Adrià), Elba Garfella (Valencia BC), Marta Garcia (Arizona Wild Cats), Chisu Okkafor (Germans Homs UE Mataró).

The U18 Women’s squad has also come out, which will play the FIBA ??Challenger in Heraklion (Greece) from July 27 to August 1. There will be 15 players with Bernat Canut, Carlos Cantero and Lorena Aranda as technical managers.

The summoned list will be made up of Nhug bosch (Germans Homs UE Mataró), Anna Prim (XXI century); Marina Avinoa (B. Almeda), Claudia Soriano (B. Almeda), Ines Noguero (XXI century), Carla brito (SparG. Canaria), Alicia florez (CB Female Lion), Elena Rodriguez (Spar Gran Canaria), Cristina Fidalgo placeholder image (B. Torrelodones), Noa Comesaña (Celta Zorka Recalvi), Noa djiu (CTEIB / Andratx), Claudia Langarita (XXI century), Esther matarranz (CB Avenue), Tayra Eke Benitez (Movistar Students) and Maria Isabel Galiana (CB Avenue).

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