The Força Lleida Basketball Club was born this past summer from the union of the base teams of Força Lleida (men’s club) and CB Lleida (women’s club), which coexist under the same organization as well as share corporate colors of the kits, facilities , address…

The CBF Lleida currently has a total of 306 players distributed in 27 teams (26 base + women’s senior B). Each week there are a total of 73 workouts from 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min each. A total of 45 coaches and trainers are in charge of distributing sports education and values ??to children and young people. For the proper functioning of the base, Carlos Cuéllar occupies the direction and Joaquín Prado is in charge of the sports area. In addition, there are 4 coordinators (male and female large basket and male and female small basket). The CBF Lleida also includes an area of ??physiotherapy, physical preparation and psychology, as well as communication and photography.

CBF Lleida wants to be recognized as a club with its own work philosophy where the transmission of values ??is the axis on which the work methodology is promoted, where fairplay is a symbol of identity, where playing basketball is complementary with other training disciplines, where we train coaches and coaches where we co-educate without hierarchies. We want to transmit educational, social, competitive and health values ??by working every day with respect, commitment, a positive attitude, intensity, equality, teamwork, discipline, competitiveness and humility.