Francisco Reyes, President of the Diputación de Jaén; Julio Millán, mayor of Jaén; Antonio de Torres, FEB vice president and president of the Andalusian Federation; and Fernando Romay, FEB legend, have been in charge of presenting the Spain-Georgia next Monday 29, which will be played at the Olivo Arena Provincial Palace.

The act was opened by the president of the Diputación de Jaén, Francisco Reyes, who after welcoming explained: “The importance of an international event that had created so much expectation. The objective of the construction of the Olivo Arena, among others, was to put Jaén on the world sports map. In less than two days, the 5000 tickets put on sale were sold, which shows the desire and enthusiasm of our people ”.

Julio Millán, mayor of Jaén, wanted to express: “Jaén capital has not lived such an appointment for a long time. The Spanish basketball team is a benchmark in sport and an example for our young people. From the City Council we will continue supporting grassroots sport, which is not at odds with holding these high-level events ”.

FEB Ambassador, Fernando Romay, with his usual eloquence said: “The day before there is a 3×3 on the street, because FEB puts our heart in everything it does and our intention is to be with the people. It is more than a match, it is an appointment that I hope we repeat. The heart and generosity that our players of the absolute teams put, we try to put ourselves in everything we organize ”.

The event was closed by the vice president of the Spanish Basketball Federation and Andalusian president, Antonio de Torres, who put the accent on: “The global vision that the FAB has of Andalusian basketball. It is about connecting all the provinces and trying to be equanimous in the distribution of these opportunities. Jaén has put a lot into having a great facility and they make it possible for this international match to come here ”.

The aforementioned authorities were accompanied by: Ángel Vera, deputy for culture and sports of the Diputación de Jaén; and Teodoro Aguirre, FAB delegate in the province.