Gerardo Candina recalled that in these 25 years, of which 18 he has served as president, history has been made rising from Second National to the LF Endesa with achievements such as participating in 5 editions of the Queen’s Cup, a Super Cup final , semi-finals in the LF play-offs and already with 5 appearances in the EuroCup. But for Candina “our great triumph is that of every 3 girls from Gernika, practically 2 play basketball. This is what guides us. We are a club based in the elite but without losing sight of the training of players”.

The top manager of Gernika KESB announced the events that the club will organize to celebrate its 25 years:

Women’s Day Party:

Lointek Gernika Bizkaia vs Athletic Club Women
March 8

Tribute to Naiara Díez in the match vs Spar Girona

March, 19

Special t-shirt for the Copa de la Reina with 25th anniversary logo

March 24-27

Match at the Bilbao Arena in a day with Surne Bilbao Basket

9 april

Popular food

April/May according to pandemic

Miguel Mendez Clinic

(Spanish coach and Euroleague champion)
May 23