It will be around the first hour of Sunday night when we can get a first idea about which teams could be a little closer to the semifinals of the LF Endesa. Because, until then, the four series of quarterfinals are a mystery given the entity of the rivals who will premiere their series at home to try to put the main favorites for the title in trouble.

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They will come into play in a staggered manner throughout Sunday and this will allow title fans to enjoy the eight candidates in all their splendor. All this through a premiere that will put the main candidates for the title to the test and that will lead Spar Girona to be the first to jump onto the pitch. In this case, moving to the Josean Gasca in San Sebastián where a rival with sky-high morale awaits them. Because the Azu Muguruza players arrive at the event with nothing to lose and ready to give a new blow to a season in which the support of their fans will be essential to be able to dream of greater heights. And it is only in this way that the women from San Sebastian will be able to put a team in trouble in which María Araujo seems to return to her best form after a long injury and in which the direction of Las Laias is being decisive in being able to carry out the games of she.

Already in the afternoon session, the capital of Spain prepares the best possible scenario for the Playoffs, specifically from a WiZink Center that awaits thousands of student fans in its stands with the sole objective of being able to boost their team. A Movistar Estudiantes who dreams of being able to surprise Valencia Basket from the environmental pressure before reaching La Fonteta to resolve the series. Although, for this, both will have to look askance at the infirmary during the previous hours since Rubén Burgos’s are very aware of an Ángela Salvadores returning to the group and that she could return to the parquet thus accompanying a Raquel Carrera back during the last days with the sole objective of being able to impose their law before a student group very aware of the evolution of Arica Carter.

In another scenario with an ACB aroma such as Prince Felipe of Zaragoza, we will be able to enjoy what is perhaps the most even tie of these quarterfinals, the one that will measure Cadí La Seu with a Casademont Zaragoza willing to make history. To do this, Carlos Cantero’s men will have to seek the best possible result against the revelation team of the season, a Cadí La Seu who will have home court advantage in their favor and who, like their rival, will plan the tie as a match 80 minutes from which we probably won’t have a winner until the final stages. Quite an internal duel between Vega Gimeno and Irati Etxarri and in which the environmental pressure could be decisive in favor of one or the other.

It won’t be until the last round when the reigning League champion comes into play, a Perfumerías Avenida that will face an entire European duel against a Lointek Gernika that will have to turn Maloste into a fort. Because the leader of the category arrives with all his weapons available after having gradually recovered troops over the last few weeks. A team that has been gaining ground and in which the national talent has been shining during its last rounds, well supported by the talent of players like Samuelson to be able to give the last boost of the course to its candidacy. A real threat that Mario López will have to stop from the first round in search of a result that allows him to face the second leg with all his options intact.

Four heats in which the greatest possible point difference could be decisive for the return matches in which the classifications will culminate on the night of next Thursday 28.


– IDK Euskotren vs. Spar Girona (D-12:00) | Twitter @BasketballESP
– Movistar Estudiantes vs. Valencia Basket (D-6:00 p.m.) | RTVE Play (direct) and Teledeporte*
– Casademont Zaragoza vs. Cadí La Seu (D-6:30 p.m.) |
– Lointek Gernika vs Perfumerías Avenida (D-7:00 p.m.) | Twitch @BasketballESP

* Delayed at 8:45 p.m.


– Spar Girona vs. IDK Euskotren (Thursday-8:00 p.m.) | Twitter @BasketballESP
– Cadí La Seu vs. Casademont Zaragoza (Thursday-8:00 p.m.) |
– Avenida Perfumeries vs. Lointek Gernika (Th-8:30 p.m.) | Twitch @BasketballESP
– Valencia Basket vs. Movistar Students (Thursday-8:45 p.m.) | Telesport