The second phase of the competition will raise the curtain this Friday night to ten days full of emotions and in which its 19 teams will alternate illusions between the fight for promotion and permanence in the category. A double battle with well-differentiated objectives and in which there will be hardly any margin for error given the results carried over from the first phase and against those teams with whom they will once again share the group in this decisive stretch.

REPORTAGE: Opposing ambitions in a final phase with no margin for error

FORECASTS: The Quiniela de… Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa Afanion)

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GRUPO ASCENSO: Leche Río Breogán begins the defense of its well-deserved leadership

HLA Alicante vs Liberbank Oviedo:

HLA Alicante resumes its way with a second experience

HLA Alicante knows very well the toughness that Group A teams can pose after their previous experience in the final of the Princess of Asturias Cup and even more so a Liberbank Oviedo that has performed at a high level throughout the season. Because Natxo Lezkano’s team has been able to overcome all the setbacks suffered during the season to reach a group for promotion that they will now face without any pressure. A factor that will undoubtedly help in your visit to one of the most complicated fiefdoms in the category, that of an HLA Alicante who led his group during the first round of competition and who arrives ready to continue adding positively to be able to ensure his presence in the Playoffs for promotion.

Date and Time: Friday 19 – 19: 00h


Destination Palencia vs TAU Castelló:

A first crossing with maximum demand

A real train crash to start between two of the best teams in the competition throughout the first phase. Because both the Palencia Destination on one side of the country and the TAU Castelló on the other, have been two of the most fit teams before starting a fight for promotion to which the people of Castelló will arrive in a privileged position. Because the men of Toni Ten finished their group as leaders, ratifying a dominance that will now lead the people of Castellón to maintain the demand before taking on a complicated rival. And it is that visits to the Municipal of Palencia are not usually much less simple given the entity of the Arturo Álvarez group.

Date and Time: Friday 19 – 19: 30h


Leyma Coruña vs Palmer Mediterranean Soul:

The big surprise examines an entire candidate

They managed to certify the long-awaited permanence during the initial section of the competition and that will take away any kind of pressure on Palmer Alma Mediterránea in the face of a final phase in which they may be one of the most dangerous teams. Because, with nothing to lose, the Balearic Islands will be able to push each rival to the limit in a day that will take them to Riazor to face a candidate for promotion on Saturday afternoon. A Leyma Coruña that is one step ahead in the table and that Sergio García hopes to be able to squeeze, now without setbacks, in a second phase in which to continue deploying his best game.

Date and Time: Saturday 20 – 19: 00h


Milk Río Breogán vs Covirán Granada:

Leadership measures the strength of Group A

They dominated Group A from the first day of competition and that has earned Leche Río Breogán to be able to reach this second phase as the absolute leader of the competition. A true champion of the Princess of Asturias Cup and who will be in charge of measuring the strength of his group against one of the best teams on the other side of the country, a Covirán Granada who opted for the lead until the end despite the numerous casualties that affected the team during the last rounds. Now, with the vast majority of his men back in top form, Pablo Pin’s team will get on the bus ready to assert themselves in one of the most complex stages of the competition.

Date and Time: Saturday 20- 19: 00h


Clínica Sur Aspasia RVB vs CB Afanion with Almansa:

A second phase with homework done and with nothing to lose

The fight for promotion to a historic field such as the Pisuerga Sports Center returns and does so by bringing one of the new generation teams in the category to Castilian lands. Because CB Almansa with Afanion has had little more than one season to show what they are willing to achieve in national basketball. A Rubén Perelló has been in charge of this, who will now threaten the leader of the past year with his game in search of a first victory with which to continue opting for the Playoffs dispute for promotion.

Date and Time: Sunday 21 – 12: 00h


GROUP B: Emergencies take center stage with little margin for error

Tizona Univ. Burgos vs ZTE Real Canoe:

Colistas duel willing to reinvent themselves

They have not lived the first round they dreamed of and they have not obtained the desired results either, but the start of the second round will allow both Tizona University of Burgos and ZT Real Canoe to reset the illusion of permanence. And for this, both teams will have to take to the track knowing that they must not miss the opportunity to join one of their most direct rivals in the search for a victory in order to escape from the last positions of the table. An encounter with heads or tails and in which defeat could really cost its protagonist dearly.

Date and Time: Friday 19 – 19: 00h


Melilla Sport Capital vs Levitec Huesca:

A giant in search of balance

Melilla Sport Capital has not been used to having to fight for permanence in recent years, but the circumstances of the current season have not helped this time a team from Melilla who will have to undergo a change of chip so that the season don’t get too complicated. Because Alejandro Alcoba’s men will start the second phase in a complicated situation and one step behind what will be their first rival, a Levitec Huesca with a balanced balance and for which victory would be a really important step at the qualifying level and, above all, on a mental level.

Date and Time: Friday 19 – 19: 00h


Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Real Murcia Basketball:

The Multiusos, ready to play a fundamental role

Cáceres P Humanidad knows very well the importance that the presence of the public can have in their matches and that is why the Extremadura team must exploit this factor to the maximum in the face of a second vital phase for the survival of the club in the category. A path that they will start from the middle of the table and with two games less than some of their rivals, such as a Real Murcia that they could beat in case of victory. Although it will not be far from a simple match since Rafa Monclova’s players will arrive willing to be able to add positively on their way to a permanence with which they can stay at least one more year in the category.

Date and Time: Friday 19 – 20: 30h


Ibereólica Ourense vs ICG Força Lleida:

A key meeting on the road to permanence

Ibereólica Ourense will start the second phase in relegation places but with two games less compared to rivals such as the one who will visit the Pazo first, an ICG Força Lleida for which the physical plane will be the first unknown of the duel to be cleared. Because the people from ilerdenses have been playing three games in the last week, which has kept the team in dynamics of the game but notably afflicting the physical plane of a group just out of a period of confinement. That will be precisely one of the options that the Ourense team can exploit on a really important Sunday morning for Gonzalo García de Vitoria’s men.

Date and Time: Sunday 28 – 12:30 p.m.


Rest: Bàsquet Girona

Carles Marco’s men polish their debut in the second phase

They will start the second phase of the competition acting as the first leader of the group, but having to face a weekend of rest in which they could be equaled by ICG Força Lleida in case of a victory from ilerdense. A day with which to gauge the state of the new group before taking to the track for the first time next week on Fontajau’s own parquet.