After having played their first minutes of play last weekend, the second phase of the competition will harden their way this weekend with five great matches in a fight for promotion in which the margin of error will become increasingly narrow. Something similar will happen in the group due to permanence where each day will be one less bullet in the chamber and where ICG Força Lleida and Cáceres P. Humanidad will play this Sunday the first of the duels of the opening day postponed two weeks ago.

REPORTAGE: Opposing ambitions in a final phase with no margin for error

FORECASTS: The Quiniela de… Romaric Belemene (Leyma Coruña)

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GRUPO ASCENSO: The road hardens in a day of great matches

HLA Alicante vs Leyma Coruña:

Client not exempt from difficulty for the Alicante revalidation

Asking his players for character to be able to prevail on a complicated track, Sergio García sent a warning to his men in the hours prior to what will be the first clash of the day. Because the Basque coach knows very well the difficulty of having to visit an HLA Alicante, which is usually a complicated customer on his track. A situation that will harden according to the precedents since Pedro Rivero’s men could not add positively on their fiefdom last weekend, which will increase the desire for victory of a team that does not usually lose two consecutive games in the Ferrándiz. A figure supported in part by the good performance of a Pedro Llompart who will move the Alicante machinery again to try to take control of the game tempo, a fundamental starting point to be able to opt for the victory.

Date and Time: Friday 26 – 19: 30h


TAU Castelló vs Clínica Sur-Aspasia:

Castilla y Léón crosses the path of the old leader again

Without the presence of captain Romà Bas, who will be out for the remainder of the season, TAU Castelló will jump back to the Ciutat field on a Friday night of reunions. Because the men of Toni Ten will have in a former Valladolid like Óscar Alvarado one of their best weapons for a match in which the first victory of the second phase for the Castellón team will be put into play. A battle that they will have to fight against one of the most powerful indoor games in the category and in which, in addition to Sergio de la Fuente and Nacho Martín, a former Ciutat such as Joey Van Zegeren stands out in great shape. A client far from simple when it comes to looking for a win with which to feed his way to the Playoffs for promotion.

Date and Time: Friday 26 – 19: 30h


Covirán Granada vs Destino Palencia:

The Palace, as a Nasrid starting point

In search of the first victory of the second phase and counting on the support of a fans that sold out the available tickets these days, Covirán Granada will jump onto the Palace floor to receive a rival as extremely complicated as Destino Palencia is used to. A team full of talent in their ranks and that comes after having won by a single point last weekend against TAU ??Castelló. In this way, Arturo Álvarez’s men began their climb to the Playoffs with a third victory that allowed them to regain ground that they would limit this weekend in the event of a victory in Granada. Because, with five wins already in their locker, Pablo Pin’s men are in a privileged position that they will try to maintain in a night in which the role of their outside game could be decisive when it comes to qualifying for the win.

Date and Time: Saturday 27 – 17: 00h


CB Almansa with Afanion vs Liberbank Oviedo:

Overcoming adversity to be able to surprise

It has not been an easy season for a CB Almansa with Afanion who has suffered a new blow this week with the injury of Moussa Konè for the remainder of the season. An important player in Rubén Perelló’s schemes and without whom they will have to face one of the toughest teams in the group. Because Liberbank Oviedo is currently one of the most demanding teams in a Group for the Promotion in which the people of Almansa coach last week with a good image in Valladolid, but without being able to add a victory that their rival could achieve, a Liberbank Oviedo that got off to a good start by winning by a single point during its visit to Alicante.

Date and Time: Saturday 27- 18: 00h


Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Río Breogán:

The leader launches his name in a difficult start

After renewing its image during the week and launching a new name, the category leader will travel to Son Moix this Sunday to be able to look for a new victory with which to stay at the top of the table. An objective that will go through being able to defeat one of the revelation teams of the competition, a Palmer Alma Mediterránea who has been able to shake off the pressure of permanence to break into a group on their own merits due to the promotion in which they are already pursuing their first triumphs. A clash in which the first of the challenges for the Balearic team will be to stop the high pace of play of the people of Lugo in order to reduce their high score. Because if Diego Epifanio’s men have the option to run and take the game to a high score, they will have a lot to win.

Date and Time: Sunday 28 – 12: 00h


GROUP B: The return of Bàsquet Girona marks the way to the great goal

ZTE Real Canoe vs Melilla Sport Capital:

Flying fish marks the start of the countdown

Three victories from the cut for permanence, the ZTE Real Canoe has more than enough time to correct its qualifying situation, but the passage of the days begins to be the worst ally of José Rey’s in the face of the conquest of his target. A future that will begin on the night of this Friday with the visit to Pez Volador of the great classic of the competition, a Melilla Sport Capital that struggles to be able to reengage after the victory won last week at home against Levitec Huesca in one of those matches pick and shovel. In this way, Alejandro Alcoba’s men acquired a confidence that they will now try to reinforce with a visit to a track where they hope to be able to add a victory that will allow them to escape from the relegation places to the LEB Plata League in which they are immersed in these moments.

Date and Time: Friday 26 – 19: 00h


Real Murcia Bto. vs Ibereólica Ourense:

Mid zone exam to mark the new target

With both teams in the middle of the table due to permanence, both Real Murcia Baloncesto and Ibereólica Ourense will fight on Saturday afternoon for a victory that could mark the beginning of an upward path for their protagonist. Because victory would mean being able to put land in between with the last places in the table, being able to look again towards the upper zone where a ticket to the Playoffs will be at stake for promotion. To do this, it will be essential to be able to control the game tempo against a demanding rival. One of those even matches and in which the margin of error will be minimal to be eligible for victory.

Date and Time: Saturday 27 – 19: 00h


Basketball Girona vs Tizona University of Burgos:

Fontajau breaks into the fight for permanence looking up

After facing a first day of rest, Bàsquet Girona will return to the competition this Sunday and will do so by welcoming a team that took a breath of fresh air on its debut. Because Tizona Burgos will travel to Fontajau after having achieved a solid victory against ZTE Real Canoe, marking what they hope to turn into a change of dynamics for the next few weeks. This is what is required by a classification table that marks the first emergencies of the course for Lluis Riera’s men in the face of a classic base duel between Albert Sàbat and Ricardo Úriz and in which the second unit of both teams could mark the development of the meeting.

Date and Time: Sunday 28 – 18: 00h


Postponed: Levitec Huesca vs Cáceres P. Humanity:

Levitec Huesca, forced to stop

Given the presence of three positives by Covid in the ranks of Levitec Huesca, the match that the Huesca team had to play on Friday night at the Palacio de los Deportes was postponed, as was their next commitment to Tizona University of Burgos. A situation that has led Óscar Lata’s team to a new home quarantine with which they will not be able to compete for at least the next two weeks.

Date and Time: Postponed


J.9: ICG Força Lleida vs Cáceres P. Humanidad

Matchday 9 recovers its first match from Barris Nord

Taking advantage of the trip initially planned for the postponed match in Huesca, Cáceres P. Humanidad will continue its route on Sunday afternoon to visit an ICG Força Lleida that had a rest day scheduled for this weekend at the Barris Nord. In this way, both teams will recover the first of the postponed duels of Matchday 9 with an extremely important match for their aspirations of permanence since, equaled five victories, the sixth triumph for both would allow them to take an important step towards in front of his stability in the face of the next days.

Date and Time: Sunday 28 – 18: 00h