With nine balls in the air in a unified schedule, the LEB Gold League will lower the curtain on the Regular League this Sunday. And it will do so by deciding the name of the last team that accesses the Playoffs, the seed of these, the final crosses and the name of the last two teams that descend to the LEB Silver League. Much at stake for a decisive morning from LaLigaSportsTV.

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ASCENT GROUP: The leadership that will give option to the field factor, a valuable prize

There are three teams that will start the last day of the Regular League sharing the leadership and all of them will do so with a single objective, to be able to secure a first place that will be worth the field advantage in the entire Playoff series. For this, Leyma Coruña will receive TAU Castelló in a duel that could well come to fruition in that final phase, Río Breogán will receive a CB Almansa with nothing at stake and Covirán Granada will visit the always complicated Pumarín field to play his future in front of a Liberbank Oviedo in a great moment of form. With nothing at stake, Destiny Palencia will receive HLA Alicante while Clínica Sur Aspasia will say goodbye to Hugo López by receiving Palmer Alma Mediterránea.

Sunday May 16, 2021:

– Río Breogán vs CB Almansa with Afanion (12:30 pm)
– Leyma Coruña vs TAU Castelló (12:30 pm)
– Liberbank Oviedo vs Covirán Granada (12:30 pm)
– Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (12:30 pm)
– Destination Palencia vs HLA Alicante (12:30 pm)

STAY GROUP: The permanence, red hot in direct duels

And if exciting is the fight from above, not less from below. And it is that, up to seven teams will choose to the existing fight between the Playoffs and the permanence. Facing the first of the objectives, the duel between Cáceres P. Humanidad and Bàsquet Girona will be decisive since, with the permanence assured, the winner of the duel will caress the Playoff for promotion as eighth classified. A duel away from the tension that will be experienced, for example, in Melilla where the team that loses the clash between Melilla Sport Capital and ICG Força Lleida could “acquire” the third relegation place to the LEB Plata League. Although it will be the two teams already descended who will act as judges of the League, in the case of Tizona Burgos receiving Real Murcia in their fiefdom and, in that of ZTE Real Canoe, visiting Ibereólica Ourense Baloncesto. Two games in which Murcia and Ourense can only contemplate victory while waiting for their direct and postponed duel for next week.

Sunday May 16, 2021:

– Cáceres P, Humanity vs Bàsquet Girona (12:30 pm)
– Ibereólica Ourense vs ZTE Real Canoe vs (12:30 pm)
– Tizona Univ. Burgos vs Real Murcia Bto. (12: 30h)
– Melilla Sport Capital vs ICG Força Lleida (12:30 pm)