PREVIEW J.25: A day with all eyes on Unicaja and Melilla Sport Capital

Only one place remains to be decided for the LF2 Final Phase and it will be disputed, in group A, by Unicaja and Melilla Sport Capital La Salle. In group B, the focus is on relegation and the fight in the table between Azulejos Moncayo Helios and Club Sant Josep Obrer.


The final phase of LF2 already has seven of its eight members confirmed. In group A, ISE Costa de Almería, Vega Lagunera Adareva and CB Arxil and in group B, Unilever Viladecans, NBF Castelló, Geieg and Anagan Stadium Casablanca have already made it through.

That is why the emotion of Table A focuses on what Melilla Sport Capital does, both in their postponed confrontation this afternoon against Arxil, and in the clash that corresponds to the current day against BF León. For its part, Unicaja receives a visit from a Compostela Xunta de Galicia Institute that has already descended. Other interesting matches will be the Canarian derby between Vega Lagunera Adareva and Magec Tías Against Gender Violence, as well as the duel between Galicians and Maristas Coruña-Mariscos Antón Cortegada.

On the part of group B, Club Sant Josep Obrer needs to distance itself from relegation and therefore needs a victory in their visit to Picken Claret, but they must be very aware of what Azulejos Moncayo Helios do in their visit to Asnimo Ágora Portals. The Segle XXI leader receives a visit to the Anagan Stadium Casablanca, while Unilever Viladecans and Fustecma NBF Castelló will star in a duel in the final phase.

Women’s League 2: Matchday 25

Group A
GDKO Ibaizabal vs. Asisa Alhaurín de la Torre (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Vega Lagunera Adareva vs. Magec Tías Against Gender Violence (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Milar Córdoba Women’s Basketball vs. CB Arxil (S2 19h) | FEB Channel
Unicaja vs. Compostela Institute vs. Government of Galicia (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Marists Coruña vs. Seafood Antón Cortegada (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
ISE Costa de Almeria vs. HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Melilla Sport Capital vs. BF Leon (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel

B Group
Ekke CB Lleida vs. Germans Homs-EU Mataró-Femení Maresme (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Olympic District vs. Women’s Wintym Sant Adrià (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Picken Claret vs. Club Sant Josep Obrer (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Anagan Stadium Casablanca vs. 21st Century (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Basket Almeda vs. Geieg (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Asnimo Ágora Portals vs. Moncayo Helios Tiles (S2 7pm) | FEB Channel
Unilever Viladecans vs. Fustecma NBF Castelló (S2 19h) | FEB Channel

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