After three months of competition, only two teams keep their losing record at zero. And they face their last defense of unbeatenness. We approach the meetings of Barça and Hozono Global Jairis.

Torrons Vicens Hospitalet fell last week at home and left the EBA League undefeated by just two: Barça (Conference C) and Hozono Global Jairis (Conference E). The day of this weekend concludes the competition in 2021 and will resume after Reyes.

In Group C-3, the Blaugrana quarry has the possibility of closing the first round with an immaculate 11-0. To do this, he will have to beat the only team that has not lost to Barça, CB Navàs Viscola, which sails with a very positive balance of 7-3. Those of Nil Bria and Serigne Niang will have to stop the offensive power of a team with a very long bench and that plays at a devilish pace.

And in Group EC, Hozono Global Jairis already has 11-0 in the locker and seeks victory 12 at home, against Organic Ager CB Begastri (Sunday 6:00 p.m.) In Cehegín, those from Alcantarilla have already won by more than 20 points of difference, with Adrián Méndez in MVP mode, but they will not be able to trust a team whose reference is to the Huelva scorer Fernández Santana (20.7 points per game).

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