CB Arxil and Unilever Viladecans had dominated the competition during the first eight days of competition (8-0), but their respective defeats last weekend resulted in the end of their reign as well as a double change of leader. In this way, the ISE Costa de Almería and the Segle XXI will defend their recently released first place in two opposite scenarios since the Almeria will visit the Compostela Institutes while the Catalans already added the victory in their early match against Ásnimo Agora.


New weekend of competition in an LF2 that last weekend experienced a change of leader to both sides of the country. A situation that has led Ingenia Solar Energy Almería to take first place in Group A, taking over from CB Arxil and rekindling a fight that will lead both teams to fight for the lead. On this occasion, with the Almeria team visiting the Compostela Institutes in the opening meeting of the day and only a few kilometers from the duel of their persecutor since CB Arxil will receive Maristas Coruña in his fiefdom, looking askance at his rival.

The situation that will be experienced in Group B will be different where Segle XXI already has the victory since the Catalan team added positively in the advance match against Asnimo Ágora Portals (45-70). Thus, the leader will defend his condition in the distance, having to wait for what happens in the duel of a Unilever Viladecans that will face a demanding derby against a GEiEG willing to take a new step forward towards the first places.

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– Institutes of Compostela vs Ingenia Solar Energy Almería (S-17: 00h) | CanalFEB.tv
– Magectías Clvdg vs Unicaja Málaga (S-19: 00h) * | CanalFEB.tv
– Asisa Alhaurín de la Torre vs Milar Córdoba Basketball (S-19: 30h) | CanalFEB.tv
– CB Arxil vs Maristas Coruña (S-19: 30h) | CanalFEB.tv
– Mariscos Antón Cortegada vs Melilla Sport Capital (S-20: 30h) | CanalFEB.tv
– HGB Ausarta Barakaldo vs BF León (Sun-12: 30h) | CanalFEB.tv
Postponed: Vega Lagunera Adareva vs GDKO Ibaizabal | CanalFEB.tv

– Asnimo Ágora Portals vs Segle XXI (45-70) | MVP: A. Termis – 18 val.
– Wintym Femení Sant Adrià vs Anagan Stadium (S-13: 00h) | CanalFEB.tv
– GEiEG Girona vs Unilever Viladecans (S-18: 10h) | CanalFEB.tv
– Ekke CB Lleida vs Picken Claret (S-20: 00h) | CanalFEB.tv
– Azulejos Moncayo vs Fustecma NBF (Sun-12: 15h)
– Club Sant Josep Obrer vs Basket Almeda (Sun-13: 00h)
– Olympic District vs Germans Homs UE Mataró (Sun-5: 00h)

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