It will be a regular trend throughout the months of January and February to be able to find interweekly matches since the LEB Gold League will begin to catch up this Wednesday with the dispute of the first postponed duels. A total of seven matches corresponding to the first seven days of competition and in which the different fronts of the competition will come into play.

FORECASTS J.13: The pool of… Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa Afanion)

FORECASTS J.14: The pool of… Juan García-Abril (UEMC Real Valladolid)

FORECASTS J.15: The pool of… Eric Vila (Bàsquet Girona)

CUP: The 2022 Princess Cup Final will be played on April 2-3

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It was the first team to suffer the postponement of some of its matches and perhaps that is why fate has wanted Unicaja Banco Oviedo to be one of the first to be able to take to the court this Wednesday. Because the men of Natxo Lezkano will face an important game for their interests with the support of the Pumarín Sports Center. A clash that will take bottom-runner Palmer Alma Mediterránea to Asturian lands to examine both the recovery and the desire for growth of a team willing to settle in the privileged positions of the competition. To do this, the local team will have to prevail over a Balearic squad that has reinforced its squad in recent days and hopes to add a victory that will serve as a boost for the progressive implementation of its new men during the next matches.

And in parallel to what happens in Oviedo, the excitement of the fight for the lead will take us to the tracks of the first two classified who will prolong their pulse for the Princess of Asturias Cup with the support of their fans. In the case of Covirán Granada after having prevailed already on Saturday afternoon in Alicante in the first of those postponed duels and in that of Movistar Estudiantes after having gained confidence in that valuable duel on Sunday against Bàsquet Girona. In this way, the Andalusians will receive in their fiefdom a TAU Castelló that arrives after almost a month without competing and the Madrilenians a Levitec Huesca La Magia that suffered a heavy defeat on Sunday in Azpeitia after four weeks without games. For this reason, the main concern of both Toni Ten and Sergio Lamúa will be that their men can meet the physical demands of two games that will not be easy for them.

For its part, the UEMC Real Valladolid will continue to take action with its third assault in just over a week and that will lead them to receive a CB Prat at the Pisuerga who needs to win so as not to get into excessive problems in the fight for permanence. Something similar will happen to a CB Almansa with Afanion who, once the Covid outbreak in his squad has been overcome, will have the complicated mission of being able to stop a Cáceres P. Humanity who has eight wins and four of them consecutively.

Finally, Thursday afternoon-night will bring us a whole Catalan derby with Marc Gasol’s visit to Barris Nord. A match to which the people from Girona arrive after having seen Movistar Estudiantes break their winning streak (3/3) and in which ICG Força Lleida will be a rocky rival given the good form of a team that has been one of the revelations throughout the first round of competition.

J.14: Unicaja Banco vs. Palmer AM Palma (X-8:30 p.m.) |
J.14: Movistar Students vs. Levitec Huesca (X-20:30h) |
J.15: Covirán Granada vs TAU Castelló (X-20:30h) |
J.13: UEMC Real Valladolid vs CB Prat (X-20:45h) |
J.14: CB Almansa with Afanion vs Cáceres PH (X-9:00 p.m.) |
J.14: ICG Força Lleida vs Bàsquet Girona (Thursday-8:00 p.m.) |

J.14: Melilla Sport Capital vs EasyCharger Palencia
J.13: Leyma Coruna vs HLA Alicante