The EBA League is heading to its last days with decisive matches for the passports to the Final Phase that will give the four promotion places to the LEB Plata. Different formats but all-or-nothing games in all Conferences.


We review this end of the season starting with Conference A. Usal La Antigua is the only one that has achieved its goal, while Santurtzi can achieve the second if they beat Venta de Baños Veymaq at home (Saturday 7:00 p.m. ). In the absence of three days, the fight would be lived to get the second or third place in each group that gives way to the final qualifying round of the Conference.

In Conference B there are four rounds left and many teams still opting for a place in the Final Phase. The matches between CB Pozuelo vs. B. Alcalá (Saturday 6:00 p.m.) or the one between CB La Matanza vs. CB Fuenlabrada stand out.

Final day in Conference C looking for the eight teams in the final tie. Triple tie at the head of Group C-1 with the three classified teams, while Bàsquet Girona B seeks second place in Group C-3, and for that they need to win at home against Grupo Vía CB Artes (Saturday 7:00 p.m. ).

In Conference D, the first leg of the final qualifiers with Ciudad de Huelva and Unciaja Andalucía chasing a good lead with the support of their fans before returning the visit to Ecoculture Costa de Almería and Sagrado Corazón Lithium Iberia.

And finally, the E-Classification Group reaches day 10 with the duel of the first two classified. Angels Vision UPB Gandía can strike a decisive blow if they beat NB Paterna Power Electronics (Saturday 7:30 p.m.) and even more so if they recover -4 in the first round match

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