The CB Granada Foundation and Puleva have today renewed their collaboration agreement for the next season. It will be the tenth season of union between both entities, since the company collaborates with the red and black club since it began to compete in the First National. At the signing, held at the facilities of Puleva on the Camino de Purchil, the Commercial Director of the brand, Pepe Sáez, the head of the Sponsorship area, José Puerta, and the president of the CB Granada Foundation were present. , Óscar Fernández-Arenas.

The Puleva logo, which has been one of the club’s main sponsors since 2012, will appear on the kits worn by the players in the first team matches during the official LEB Oro competition.

The company, which is a brand from Granada with 63 years of history, will maintain the historic name of Escuelas Baloncesto Puleva in the more than 700 children that the red-black club has in the lower categories. Additionally, the logo will appear on the front of the game jerseys.

Also, Puleva will continue to organize together with the CB Granada Foundation the baby crawling race to be held at Christmas, among many other actions that both entities will carry out jointly. As happened last season, Puleva will make it possible to award two scholarships to two players in the lower categories of the CB Granada Foundation.

Statements by the Commercial Director of Puleva, Pepe Sáez: “We are tremendously satisfied and proud to continue one more year with the CB Granada Foundation. We have already completed 10 seasons, since we have supported the project from the first year and we are very happy. It is essential for us to be close to sport, but especially to the children who make up the lower categories ”.

Statements by the president of the CB Granada Foundation, Óscar Fernández-Arenas: “We are very grateful to Puleva for the treatment he has always given us. Our growth has always been linked to his name and I hope we continue to maintain the current relationship. For the CB Granada Foundation it is very important that the schools continue to bear the Puleva name because, as always, the base is essential and even more so in an important year with the novelty of the Primera Nacional team ”.