They will have to seek victory in some pavilions in which they managed to prevail already recently, but this time, winning will not be the only objective at stake for the four teams that have earned the right to have a home court factor in their favor.

The reason, the new competition format that will deliver the ticket to the semifinals to those teams that are able to prevail over the points in a two-legged knockout (first leg). A path that will begin this Wednesday with the first three meetings of a series that will open the front door of the Wizink Center and that will pay a visit to Lugo through the teleport cameras.

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SPAR Gran Canaria vs Avenida Perfumeries

The illusion of SPAR Gran Canaria threatens the solid leader

Who was going to tell SPAR Gran Canaria, after a difficult start to the League (0-6), that their season back at LF Endesa was going to lead to the Playoffs dispute for the title. But if something has become clear this course is that nobody has given anything to the Canarian team. Because the current one has been a campaign of unstoppable growth player by player and in which the confidence of José Carlos Ramos has been key when it comes to reaching the final stage of the competition in a great moment of shape. This is clear from the five consecutive wins that have endorsed a deserved classification that now makes Hermida, Taylor and Koné players doubly dangerous given the total absence of pressure. A factor that will play against a Perfumerías Avenida that will have to think about a single game at 80 minutes and in which they will not have to lower their guard to be able to impose a style of play that has paid off and that will now be conditioned by the infirmary. And it is that, each action and each point will be worth its weight in gold in a tie not without difficulty.

Date and Time: Wednesday 31 – 19: 00h (Local time)


The return: Saturday April 3 |Hour: 18: 00h | TV:

The precedent: J.10 SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (70-92)

The key: The importance of the physical plane. In the face of an opponent with a reduced rotation and with a high number of minutes in their legs, the youth of SPAR Gran Canaria could be key when it comes to planning a more physical match than usual. Because on paper, a high pace of play could favor a Canarian team that must increase the number of possessions to be eligible for victory.

The data: Charra nursing, in full. It will not in itself be a simple tie for Perfumerías Avenida, but things have been complicated for Roberto Íñiguez’s team given the high number of players with physical problems in recent weeks. To such an extent, that the team will have the safe casualties of Andrea Vilaró, Tiffany Hayes and Marica Gajic, three referents who will not be able to add in a team in which Silvia Domínguez, Emese Hof or Katie Lou Samuelson drag important annoyances that will prevent their contest to 100%. Almost nothing!

City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona

Focusing on the first round in order to reach the objective

Two good squads with a lot of experience in their ranks will meet on the Santiago Martín floor on Wednesday night. A meeting that will be the beginning of a tie that is expected to be long and in which each attack can be worth its weight in gold in the long run. Because the initial objective of the Ciudad de La Laguna Tenerife is to be able to reach Fontajau with as many options as possible to try to give a new approach to the series there. To do this, Claudio García’s men must prolong their good form against a team that arrives after having been proclaimed champion of the Queen’s Cup and after having made a significant physical effort both in Europe and in the final stretch of the Regular League. . A handicap that could weigh on the legs of the Gironans and that will try to take advantage of a Gaby Ocete that will have to impose on the floor the highest possible rhythm of play in search of wear in which the success in the face of the basket will be essential in the long term . Although if there will be a factor to take into account this Wednesday, it will be the psychological one after the hard blow that Alfred Julbe’s women have suffered from having lost a María Araujo through injury who will no longer be able to be with the team for the remainder of the season (Read more).

Date and Time: Wednesday 31 – 19: 00h (Local time)


The return: Saturday April 3 |Hour: 7:00 p.m. | TV: @Basketball

The precedent: J.6 City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona (48-80)

The key: Girona’s exterior success. It is being the authentic thermometer of Spar Girona during the last weeks of competition both in Europe and in the national territory. That is why the Catalan team’s chances of victory could be to be able to maintain success rates that have led Alfred Julbe’s to recently beat the all-time record for triples in the competition. Numbers that, when accompanied, make Uni Girona an intractable team.

The data: Intractable in the final “mini-league”. They were defeated in the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina, but from that moment, Claudio García’s players knew how to focus on their great final goal to achieve three consecutive wins with which to reach the Playoffs for the title. Quite a challenge that has increased the confidence of the Canarian team willing to offer their best version in a tie in which the first objective will be able to sign the best possible result on their fiefdom.

Movistar Estudiantes vs Lointek Gernika

The Wizink Center is decked out for the return of the Playoffs

With Alberto Ortego receiving the award as the best coach of the season in the run-up to the match, Movistar Estudiantes will return on Wednesday night to a Playoffs for the title that will take the Madrid women back to Wikinz. An incomparable setting on which to continue making history as long as its rival allows it, a Lointek Gernika who acts as one of the worst possible clients for Madrid’s women. This is demonstrated by the recent history between both teams and in which Mario López’s team has won 80% of their direct duels (8/10), numbers that have increased to 100% during the current year (2 /two). Although, on this occasion, perhaps the victory in this first round is not as important as being able to lay the foundations of the tie before their final duel in Maloste and where, surely, it will be decided who achieves the ticket to the semifinals . An objective that is not an obligation in the least for either of the two teams, which will guarantee the show on the slopes.

Date and Time: Wednesday 31 – 19: 30h

TV: Twitter @BaloncestoESP

The return: Sunday April 4 |Hour: 18: 00h | TV: Teledeporte

The precedent: J.25 Movistar Estudiantes vs Lointek Gernika (53-64)

The key: The moment of the national triplet. Rosó Buch, Paula Ginzo and Nogaye Lo. The three national players have been the engine of the Basque team throughout the season where their level of play has marked the development of the course for those of Mario López. A good game as a whole, would be an important advantage for his team in the face of the outcome of the series, although for this, the defense of the Madrid team will have a lot to say on the track.

The data: A historic season, also at the WiZink? They have already signed 18 victories that have made this the best season in their history at LF Endesa, but of course, once this point is reached, the players from Madrid are ready for more. For this reason, his jump from Magariños to the WiZink floor will be a historic opportunity when it comes to feeding the season of a team willing to excel.

Duran Machinery Ensino vs ValenciaBasket

From the historic Pazo to the exciting Fonteta in search of the semifinals

It will be on Thursday night when Teledeporte cameras move to the city of Lugo to be able to offer us one of the most exciting and vibrant duels of the quarterfinals. One in which a history like Durán Maquinaria Ensino will begin the fight for the title against one of the recent giants of the competition, a Valencia Basket who arrived just a few years ago in national basketball and has known how to grow step by step to opt for the most exciting challenges possible. Because the Valencian team has completed a historic regular league with only one defeat on their locker. Numbers that led Rubén Burgos’s women to contest a Queen’s Cup that was rewarded with their presence in the grand final. That is why the Taronja team will now seek one more step in a series of quarters that will begin with a complicated duel in a Pazo that could mark the development of the series. Especially depending on what the base’s hands determine because both Stanacev and Ouviña will have a lot to say about a floor in which they will set the rhythm of the game to be followed by their teams.

Date and Time: Thursday 1 – 7:00 p.m.

TV: Teledeporte

The return: Sunday April 4 |Hour: 12: 00h | TV:

The precedent: J.23 Durán Maquinaria Ensino vs Valencia Basket (52-77)

The key: Between Gimeno and Ouviña the game goes. Both national leaders in their respective projects, both Vega Gimeno and Cristina Ouviña have been the engines of their teams throughout the season. Two players who complement their game with character and who will be fundamental when it comes to being able to guide their teammates at all times, especially when the scoreboard is not accompanying. Because in times like these, leadership skills can be worth its weight in gold.

The data: Earrings of a Merritt Hempe among cottons. He has been the main contribution of points for the Lugo team throughout the season, but an injury has kept Merritt Hempe off the tracks throughout the last days. A loss that could be left behind with the dispute of the first round of the quarters as confirmed by the Lugo coach and that would bring a breath of fresh air to the Lugo paint.