Extra dose of tranquility for a Leyma Coruña who beat Liberbank Oviedo in Riazor after an even match that led to 1-0 in his locker before traveling to Oviedo. This Saturday the first day will be completed with three vibrant rounds in which the home court factor could play a fundamental role. On Saturday Tom Bropleh put down the Murcian revolt at the Palacio de los Deportes in Granada, while Tau Castelló suffered until the end to defeat HLA Alicante. Río Breogán broke the match against Palma Alma Mediterránea at the end of the third quarter and was the only one who was able to reserve some effort for the second games of the series.

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PLAYOFFS ASCENSO: Leyma Coruña takes the first step in Riazor

Leyma Coruña vs Liberbank Oviedo (74-66) / Statistics

Dago Peña unblocks an even match in favor of the locals

It had all the ingredients that could be expected from a first playoff game and neither team disappointed on the Riazor court. A duel in which both took to the court with their best weapons and the desire to impose their style of play against an opponent willing to contain this push. Thus, the first minutes of play were an exchange of blows with which to test the opponent’s state of form. Liberbank Oviedo tried to work between the lines while Leyma Coruña sought foreign fortune with a success sustained by Zach Monaghan and Javi Vega (17-15). Little things changed after the first intermission with a Leyma who kept his inspiration thanks to the contribution of his exteriors and a Liberbank Oviedo for which fortune came through the game and the spaces generated by Oliver Arteaga (32-31). It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when Sergio García’s team began to take advantage of their local status through the success of Dago Peña with which to achieve small partials with which to reinforce their desire for victory. And that those of Lezkano had started on the right foot a third quarter that was going to end marking the final development of the crash (56-50). Because those small rents against them were going to weigh on the outcome of a game in which the Galicians enjoyed greater confidence to finish raising the first point to their locker (74-66).

MVP: Dago Peña (Leyma Coruña) – 22 rating

Breogán River – Palmer Alma Mediterrànea (87-71) / Statistics

The ‘celestial tide’ completes the party with victory

‘Attitude play-off’ has been the motto of the Río Breogán campaign for this straight of the season and it has been noticed in Diego Epifanio’s players (very concentrated at all times) and in the stands (enjoying the team and supporting a new challenge). The Palmer Alma Mediterrànea arrived in Lugo with the hope of looking for a crack where he could harm the Galicians. Ronnie Harrell was right from the middle distance, but the rotations favored the Lugo, who had many offensive weapons (Kacinas, Larsen, Cruz, Sollazo …) The +7 at halftime became a +19 at the end of the third, which That allowed saving efforts, expecting a very intense calendar.

Mvp: Ronnie Harrel (Palmer Alma Mediterrànea) – 18 rating

Tau Castelló – HLA Alicante (78-70) / Statistics

Tau Castelló begins by winning a high tension tie

There is always talk of the importance of the first point of the tie, especially in a series that seems even like the one between Castellón and Alicante. The nerves were noticed in a first quarter with many errors and few baskets (10-10) while those of Toni Ten took advantage of a 16-4 partial in the second quarter to put the 30-19 (min 17) with Adala Moto in MVP plan. Without Pedro Llompart and with an Edu Martínez he was misguided facing the basket, the HLA Alicante entrusted to Txemi Urtasun to reach the last quarter with slight options. But the 10 points of advantage achieved in the second quarter were enough for the locals to win the first victory of the series, which gives the peace of mind of traveling to Alicante with a safety net.

Mvp: Txemi Urtasun (HLA Alicante) – 21 valuation

Covirán Granada – Real Murcia Bto (73-69) / Statistics

The Real Murcia sowed fear at the Palace of Granada

The fact of arriving from the Permanence Group, with intense days in which they went from certifying their permanence to fighting for the title in just a few days, seemed to favor Real Murcia Baloncesto. Those of Rafa Monclova were more involved in competition and were very close to surprising in the first game of the series. At halftime he arrived with a 37-39- with 9 points from a Jaron Martin who dominated the crash. Those of Pablo Pin reacted, who were penalized for turnovers, but who found a Tom Bropleh wanting to move forward in these playoffs. An American basket put the 65-56 for Covirán Granada with three minutes to go, although the Murcian scored two consecutive baskets to put the 65-60 and spread panic again in the stands of the Palace. In the end, Lluis Costa certified the first victory from the free throw line.
Mvp: Tom Bropleh (Covirán Granada) – 26 rating