LF Endesa will know this weekend the names of its first three semifinalists after the return matches that will take place in Salamanca, Girona and Gernika. Three rounds in which the seeds will look for a pass that Perfumerías Avenida and Spar Girona knew how to channel at home and in which Lointek Gernika will have to overcome five points if he wants to avoid the classification of a Movistar Estudiantes willing to do anything.

The duel between Valencia Basket and Durán Maquinaria Ensino will complete the semifinals table in the coming days after its postponement for health reasons.

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Perfumerías Avenida vs SPAR Gran Canaria:

Win where no one has done so to be able to enter history

Roberto Íñiguez knew how to perfectly manage the forces of his team during the first leg and that led to a comfortable Salamanca victory that could well have been even greater. But the physical plane and the intensity of the rival took their toll during the last minutes to prevent Perfumerías Avenida from complicating the series excessively to SPAR Gran Canaria. Despite this, the company will not be far from easy for a team whose illusion should be their best weapon when visiting the always complicated Würzburg court in search of what would be a historic comeback. Because, with 19 points against him, the situation will force the team to star in a perfect match and in which the inside game could be decisive again. This is assured by the Samuelson-Milic connection that gave such good results in La Paterna for a Perfumerías Avenida that thus contained the strengths of its rival.

Date and Time: Saturday 3 – 18: 00h


The going: SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (61-80 / +19 AVE)

The key: Points from the bench. Willing to preserve the advantage acquired to reach the semifinals, the players of Perfumerías Avenida will have to make the most of their team status in a match in which significant physical wear is expected. That is why the contribution of the rotations will be more important than ever when it comes to being able to maintain the competitive level of the group throughout the 40 minutes of play.

The data: Where no one has won. There is no other possible account for the SPAR Gran Canaria. If the players of José Carlos Ramos want to be in the semifinals they will have to beat Perfumerías Avenida, do it by a score of points and where no one has done it this season since the Salamanca team has accumulated 15 consecutive victories on their court this season. The most difficult still for the Canarian team.

Spar Girona vs City of La Laguna Tenerife:

Complicated challenge for a City of La Laguna willing not to give up

They jumped onto the Santiago Martín court with an excess of nerves in their heads and that, against a team like Spar Gran Canaria ends up paying dearly. In this way, the match played last Wednesday in the Canary Islands by two teams could be summarized from which an even series could be expected, but between which a wide gap was opened when Spar Girona activated its sixth gear. Thus, both teams headed to Fontajau with a broad income favorable to those of Alfred Julbe (+34) and that significantly complicates the pass options of the Canarian team. Despite this, Claudio García has had a very clear message to his players during the previous hours, marking the “illusion” as a starting point to try to disturb his rival. Because that illusion must be the one that accompanies the team during the start of a match in which the exit of both will mark the different options. A duel in which the outside success of the Girona team will be another of those factors that will act as the best possible thermometer when calibrating the state of the local team.

Date and Time: Saturday 3 – 7:00 p.m.

TV: Twitter @BaloncestoESP

The going: City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona (45-79 / +34 UNI)

The key: The first minutes of the game. With an income of 34 points compared to the first leg, the first minutes of the game will be decisive to try to glimpse the final development of the series. Because if Spar Girona is able to stay true to its style by taking control of the game, it will have a lot to win against a Ciudad de La Laguna Tenerife that, on the contrary, will have to “trace” the good start of its rival on his visit to the Islands. Canary Islands to start exploring their comeback options.

The data: The story of a finalist Uni Girona. They have barely twelve seasons in the Endesa Women’s League, but in that time, the team trained today by Alfred Julbe has given more than enough time to be able to achieve absolutely everything in national basketball. A whole that, in the case of LF Endesa, can be summarized in 5 consecutive League finals, all since 2015, having never lost before either in the quarter-finals or in the semifinals, a fact that would support this time their move to the next round.

Lointek Gernika vs Movistar Estudiantes:

The most even battle is fought on the Maloste floor

They were the only team capable of winning in their fiefdom during the premiere of the Playoffs for the title and that will be the main endorsement of a Movistar Estudiantes that will arrive in Maloste being aware of their possibilities. Because those of Alberto Ortego already know what it is to beat a Basque team whose face this time will be very different. This is guaranteed both by its condition of premises and having been able to enjoy a few hours of rest with which to catch air after a few weeks of madness in terms of accumulation of minutes. In this way, those of Mario López will have to jump onto the court ready to assume command of the game from the first bars to be able to put land in between as soon as possible before one of those rivals whose dangerousness increases with the passing of the minutes. . And it is that, on this occasion, both teams know very well which way to go so that, at around 11 pm on Sunday, one of the two can celebrate the move to the semifinals.

Date and Time: Sunday 4 – 9:00 p.m.

TV: Teledeporte

The going: Movistar Estudiantes vs Lointek Gernika (47-42 / +5 MOV)

The key: The Colhado factor. She had physical problems a few weeks ago, which prevented her from playing even the first round of the Queen’s Cup, but little by little, Nadia Colhado has been recovering some sensations that could be extremely important this Sunday given the inner strength of her rival. Because if Nadia Colhado is able to score under the hoops, everything will be a little easier for the local team.

The data: Cursed territory in which defeat could be worth. There are five times that Movistar Estudiantes has visited the Maloste court and, in all of them, the victory has ended up going up to the Lointek Gernika locker. An outcome that, on this occasion, could be worth the team of Alberto Ortego as long as it is produced by four points or less which would allow the Madrid women to advance to the semifinals. On the contrary…

Valencia Basket vs Durán Maquinaria Ensino:

The return of the Fonteta, postponed

After the triumph of Valencia Basket at the Pazo last Thursday night, the return match that was to be played at the Fonteta was postponed due to the positive for Covid of one of its players. In this way, both teams postponed the search for the semifinals for a date that will be confirmed over the next few days.

Date and Time: Determined


The going: Durán Maquinaria Ensino vs Valencia Basket (58-69 / +11 VAL)