It will be from next Tuesday when the LEB Gold League begins a semi-final in which the Río Breogán will face HLA Alicante on one side of the table and in which Covirán Granada will retain the home court factor to face the always demanding Leyma Coruña .

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Rio Breogán vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (80-68) / Statistics

The irruption of Kevin Larsen paves the way of the Breogán River again

It was not a meeting, much less easy, but the Breogán River knew how to overcome the most difficult moments against a Palmer Alma Mediterránea who once again showed his dangerousness. Because the Balearic team only yielded in the last bars of a clash marked by 30 minutes of equality and in which Diego Epifanio had to pull the “headdress” Larsen to be able to fight a rival that was growing once again with his good balance between lines and on both sides of the track. But their inertia, coupled with the Balearic lack of success in the key moments of the game, ended up canceling a team that lacked gasoline in the closing stages. Thus, the people of Lugo confirmed their pass to the semifinals where they will face HLA Alicante.

J.1: Rio Breogán vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (87-72 / 1-0)
J.2: Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Río Breogán (88-81 / 1-1)
J.3: Rio Breogán vs PalmerAlma Mediterránea (80-68 / 2-1)

MVP: Adam Sollazzo (Breogán River) – 21 rating

TAU Castelló vs HLA Alicante (70-78)
/ Statistics

Pedro Rivero’s slate buries Castellón’s illusions

They had started losing in their first round at the Ciutat, but the words of their coach after the game seemed to push the HLA Alicante players to sign a historic comeback. All a success culminated at home after a match in which Pedro Rivero knew how to attack the weaknesses of the rival to take the reins of the game really early. And that Óscar Alvarado resisted from the direction that the Alicante representative could take the lead, but his final reaction was not enough when it came to depriving a very solid team of victory in hot moments to be able to reach the semifinals.

J.1: TAU Castelló vs HLA Alicante (78-70 / 1-0)
J.2: HLA Alicante vs TAU Castelló (71-66 / 1-1)
J.3: TAU Castelló vs HLA Alicante (70-78 / 2-1)

MVP: Óscar Alvarado (TAU Castelló) – 21 valuation

Covirán Granada vs Real Murcia Basketball (101-95) / Statistics

Nasrid ambition can with the courage of Real Murcia

Real Murcia Basketball was about to be able to give a new blow to the competition on a night in which Rafa Monclova’s men fell in overtime. All this after 45 minutes of sheer bravery as seen in the last play of the fourth quarter where, with his team two points ahead, the Murcian coach chose to take Covirán to the personnel line to enjoy the last ball. A launch that failed to find the hoop and that led the game to a denouement in which Covirán was much more complete. Because once there, the winning inertia always provided by Lluis Costa, together with the work on the rebound of Bamba Fall was more than enough to close the game and, with it, the move to the semifinals.

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Real Murcia Basketball (73-69 / 1-0)
J.2: Real Murcia Basketball vs Covián Granada (69-62 / 1-1)
J.3: Covirán Granada vs Real Murcia Basketball (101-95 / 2-1)

MVP: Lluis Costa (Covirán Granada) – 25 rating