CB Prat did not fail in his fiefdom with a solid victory with which to round off his pass to the semifinals and neither did a Zornotza ST who destroyed the field factor of Hestia Menorca with a “sweet defeat” that will allow the Basque team to fight for the promotion. A semifinal in which they will face FC Barcelona after their double victory and in which the Potablava squad is already waiting for a rival who will come out of the Torrelavega duel after the solid triumph of Grupo Alega in Ponferrada.


CB Prat and Zornotza ST bought the first two tickets for the semifinals on Wednesday night after their respective return matches. Two rounds in which CB Prat rounded off a great series with a double win against CB Marbella and in which Zornotza ST starred in the sweetest defeat in its history to prevail in the total of the series against Hestia Menorca. A few hours later, Barça B certified their pass to become a rival of the Basque team by completing their double victory against a Gran Canaria that could not overcome the series.

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PLAYOFFS PROMOTION: CB Prat and Zornotza ST will fight for a promotion for which rivals await

The semifinals are beginning to take shape in which the two promotion places will be put into play after the classification of Zornotza ST on one side of the table and CB Prat on the other. Two teams that are already waiting for rivals who will meet in the next few hours.

ROUND: CB Prat vs CB Marbella (91-66) / Statistics

CB Prat does not give an option to a CB Marbella that locked up the pass to the semifinals

Barely ten minutes lasted the dream of the comeback to a CB Marbella who had come to Joan Busquets willing to keep the fight and who ended up giving up throughout a second quarter that was key to the final outcome of the match. Because, after the first exchange of blows between one team and the other, CB Prat polished their game through a very solid Andrés Feliz in the scoring and was well supported by the infallible Marc Blanch. Thus, the potablava were able to make the most of their rival’s 10 turnovers to put the match very much for their interests (48-30). Time began to play against CB Marbella throughout a second quarter in which CB Prat did not lower the piston in scoring and in which Rafa Piña’s team could do little. The differences widened as the minutes passed and, with them, the Andalusian team’s options were completely dissolved, giving CB Prat the pass to the fight for promotion (91-66).

MVP: Andrés Feliz (CB Prat) – 27 rating

ROUND: Hestia Menorca vs Zornotza ST (79-71) / Statistics

Sweetest defeat sends Zornotza ST to semi-finals

Hestia Menorca had to overcome 11 points to reach the semifinals and the Balearic team was close to being able to achieve it on a night in which their victory was not entirely enough. Because the competitive nature of Zornotza ST, the one that had led them to overcome the first leg, reappeared in a great second half of Mikel Garitaonandia’s team. Only in this way can it be understood that the Basque squad was able to reverse the solid start of a Hestia Menorca that had set the pace during the first minutes of the night (20-17), before strongly aiming for the final victory during the second quarter (45-29). But, once again, the passage through the changing rooms encouraged Zornotza ST to find their best minutes of the night game, with an inspired Alberto Cabrera who was gradually dissolving the local differences (58-49). In this way, Hestia Menorca had to resort to the epic in a last quarter in which a triple by Corbacho could be worth the pass against a Zornotza ST who knew how to get a slice of a 4.60 that ended up being cursed for his rival. Those of Javi Zamora came to have a distant triple to equalize the series and be able to seek extra time, but the ball did not enter and the season ended for them. Zornotza ST celebrated his pass before returning to caa awaiting rival (79-71).

Date and Time: Alberto Cabrera (Zornotza ST) – 25 rating

IDA: CAT & Rest Clínica Ponferrada vs Grupo Alega Cantabria (54-82) / Statistics

The Alega Group paves its way after a resounding victory

The CAT & Rest did not arrive in the best conditions to its quarter-final duel against Grupo Alega Cantabria after a period of confinement, a situation that its rival did not miss to be able to return home with the highest possible income. All this after a meeting in which David Mangas’ team was able to impose a high pace of play from the first bars and with which to assume the game tempo during the first act. In this way, the Cantabrian team laid the foundations for the first serious differences of the clash thanks to the interior superiority of some Walter Cabral and Stephen Chukwuemeka who put land in between (20-41). Being much superior in the rebound and with a great ability to run the track, the Alega Cantabria players did not waste the third quarter to maintain that sixth gear with which to reach maximum income that could exceed thirty points difference (37 -65). Only the final quarter was able to find balance by a CAT & Rest Ponferrada that put everything on the floor to avoid that the differences were greater for the return leg to be played on Saturday in Torrelavega (54-82).

MVP: Álvaro Palazuelos (Alega Cantabria Group) – 17 rating

ROUND: Barça B vs Gran Canaria (70-67) / Statistics

The Blaugrana subsidiary will have a new opportunity for promotion

They had achieved a resounding victory in their visit to the Canary Islands where they were able to get the tie back on track and that has weighed heavily in a second round in which Mateo Rubio’s men have not given their rival a chance. A meeting in which the Catalan team was able to match the rhythm of the game proposed by its rival throughout a first quarter of blows exchange and in which the leadership of Sergi Martínez was enough to contain the points generated by Javi López (19-20). A first “match ball” saved by the home team and that allowed tensions to be released to play with greater ease throughout a second quarter with which to mark the first differences (35-29). With this, Barça B acquired the extra dose of tranquility with which to face a second half in which Gran Canaria fought hard for the victory without success against the good role of their rival. Thus, the double victory confirmed the passage of the home team to a final round in which they will fight for promotion to the LEB Gold League (70-67).

MVP: Sergi Martínez (Barça B) – 21 valuation

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