Perfumerías Avenida and Spar Girona are the first two semifinalists of the Endesa Women’s League Play Offs. On Sunday, Lointek Gernika and Movistar Estudiantes fought a great battle that ended with the historic pass to the semis of the Biscayns.

The duel between Valencia Basket and Durán Maquinaria Ensino will complete the semifinals table in the coming days after its postponement for health reasons.

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Lointek Gernika – Movistar Students (74-64) / Statistics

A huge tie decided from free throws

It was, a priori, the most even tie of the quarterfinals. And they have shown it on the track at the WiZink Center and at Maloste. Spectacular quarter-finals, played by two teams that play very interesting basketball, and which ended with the historic victory of Lointek Gernika, who will play the League semi-finals for the first time. The meeting began with a 4-0 and a business card from the Biscayns. Movistar Estudiantes did not get nervous and played a few very good minutes regaining control of the scoreboard (12-15 min 10). In the second quarter, Lointek Gernika was better, with Nadia Colhado making one of the best games of the season and placing a +6 before the break (34-28). A triple by Gretter and a basket on the horn by Carter made it 36-33 at the end of the quarter. In the third, the mistakes in shooting occurred again with the Madrid women accusing fatigue. One of the keys was in the last minutes of the third quarter and the first of the last. From 45-44 (min 28) it went to 55-44 (min 32). A partial 10-0 that gave air to those of Mario López. But Movistar Estudiantes is a team that has not lowered its arms throughout the season and did not do so in Maloste. It was entrusted to the triple and Gretter, Nyingifa and Burani scored to return to the game and even move to one point (60-59) with two minutes remaining. A 2 + 1 of Roundtree with the fifth personnel of Leslie Knight gave air to Gernika. And in the final minutes, two triples by Rosó Buch, the failures in the free throws of Movistar Estudiantes and the six in a row by Lointek Gernika gave the pass to Mario López’s semis.

MVP: Nadia colhado (Lointek Gernika) – Valuation 18

IDA result: Movistar Estudiantes – Lointek Gernika (47-42)

Perfumerías Avenida vs SPAR Gran Canaria (95-62) / Statistics

The leader of the Regular League, first ticket to the semis

Perfumerías Avenida entered the second leg with a +19. A comfortable advantage, but one that SPAR Gran Canaria was willing to go back to make history. Illusion that was seen in the first minutes of play, where the two teams starred in good minutes and a high score. The first quarter started with an advantage for the charras, 27-20. An income that Roberto Íñiguez’s would continue to expand despite the fact that the team saw its rotation reduced with the retirement of Karlie Samuelson due to injury. They would go into halftime with 54 points scored and with the unstoppable trident of Spanish internationals, Leo Rodríguez, Silvia Domínguez and Maite Cazorla. The charras continued to dominate the game and managed to break it by overcoming a score of difference on the scoreboard, despite having reduced the scoring intensity. Despite the defeat, SPAR Gran Canaria finished a great season, the first in its return to the top competition in Spanish women’s basketball and with the goal accomplished of getting into the playoff, against the intractable leader of the Regular League. A Perfumerías Avenida that got the ticket to the semis in front of its audience and with Nikolina Milic as MVP of the match.

MVP: Nikolina Milic (Perfumerías Avenida) – 22 Rating

Result IDA: SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (61-80)

Spar Girona vs City of La Laguna Tenerife (74-67) / Statistics

Spar Girona awaits rival in semis

Ciudad de La Laguna arrived at Fontajau with a very difficult result to come back, a +34, but with a clear intention, to finish the season with the best sensations. And so they raised a return match in which Spar Girona suffered to win. The match started with a lot of rhythm and with Alfred Julbe’s signing a 6-0 run with which to go down the drain. Partial that led Claudio García to request the first time out. The La Laguna team then increased their defensive intensity and the Gironans lived their first uncomfortable minutes. It wouldn’t be for long and three triples by Elderbrink and a basket by Laia Palau would end the first quarter 21-13. Ciudad de La Laguna was going to continue competing and began the second quarter with a 0-7 run that equalized the game. A Gaby Ocete basket left the score at 37-34 to go to rest with very good feelings for the Canarian team. The return began with Clarinos managing to turn the game around and with a great Maria Fasoula, but with Girona pressing on defense and with Sonja Vasic starring in great minutes of play. The game closed with Claudio García’s men competing until the end and thus ending the season with good feelings.

MVP: Chelsea Gray (Spar Girona) – Valuation 19

Result IDA: City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona (45-79)