The Spanish has reached the figure of 705 points in a total of 72 games in the club. Those points are distributed in 510 in LF Endesa, 142 in EuroCup Women, 47 in Copa de la Reina and 6 in Super Cup. This means having scored almost 10 points on average per game. That figure of 705 puts Queralt squarely in the Historic Top 3 of points in the Club, where only Rebeca Cotano (996) and Meiya Tirera (1,217) surpass her.

The third captain of the team is present in practically all the stops in Valencia Basket. He is currently in the Top 10 in games (72), Top 13 in triples (42), Top 2 in assists (227) and Top 5 in rebounds (328). Rebounds and assists began to be recorded in Liga Femenina 2, so there is no previous data for the women’s team.