ANDhe Brazilian point guard Rafa Luz, who arrived at the game touched and it was even doubted that he could play, led this Thursday a vital victory for Surne Bilbao Basket, 83-75, against Río Breogán in Miribilla in the match of the twelfth day postponed on 5 December due to a technical problem.

The courageous exterior from São Paulo finished with 18 points scored, 3/4 in triples, 2 blocks and a PIR of 26, numbers that do not fully explain an impeccable work that included the Dominican center Ángel Delgado (12, 6 rebounds and 19) , the French Damien Inglis (11, 7 and 18) and Valetin Bigote (13) and Jeff Withey (8 rebounds, 4 blocks and 16) as great allies.

In Breogán the best thing was his start of the game, in which he left up to 9 points (9-18), Dzanan Musa (25, 5, 8 assists and 25) and the work in the area of ??Rasid Mahalbasic (13 and 7 ) and Jordan Sakho (12 and 6).

With this victory, the fourth in a row at home, Surne Bilbao, who has overcome the injury of Khyri Thomas, an important player, does not leave the relegation places given the negative point differential they have (-111). But it does enter into permanence victories, drawing four with Casademont Zaragoza, Hereda San Pablo Burgos, Urbas Fuenlabrada and Monbus Obradoiro.

For the visiting team, this defeat slows down somewhat in their illusions of being in a Copa del Rey that still has only one game left.

Breogán started much better than each attack a basket until you chain an incredible 11/11 in T2 with the visiting interiors, Mahalbasic, Iván Cruz and Sakho roaming at ease in both areas, especially in the local area.

This explains the advantages that the Lugo team was achieving (2-8, 9-18, 12-20) in a first quarter in which Luz and Withey minimized damage in the last minutes until finishing 17-22.

Everything turned around, right down to the scoreboard, in the second quarter, despite the injury, another one in Bilbao Basket, which sent Khyri Thomas, his new key player in scoring, to the dressing room.

Bigote took responsibility, the second offensive option for Mumbrú and Bilbao Basket chained a 15-0 in eight minutes between the end of the first quarter and more than half of the second that turned the result and even gave 6 points of advantage to those in black.

Breogán’s reaction with 0-6 led by Bell-Haynes (32-32) and a four-meter shot from Delgado left the locals ahead at halftime (34-32).

Breogán came back in the locker room return, leading 37-40. But there the blue ones collapsed and those in black accelerated with the second 13-0 of the match launched by Rafa Luz and the French connection Mustache-Inglis (50-40).

Those of Mumbrú even threatened to ‘break’ the match (57-44), but those of Paco Olmos arrived alive to the last quarter (59-52).

Although the Galician team arrived there because an 8-0 with 5 points from Luz left the game seen for sentence (70-54) at 8.39 from the end. Up to 17 points came the maximum local difference (72-55), that Breogán shortened distances and the clash ended 83-75.

Data sheet:

83 – Surne Bilbao Basket (17 + 17 + 25 + 24): Rafa Luz (18), Thomas (1), Mustache (13), Masiulis (2) and Delgado (12) -five starting-; Peno (9), Hakanson (2), Reyes (6), Inglis (11) and Withey (9).

75 – Breogán River (22 + 10 + 20 + 23): Bell-Haynes (11), Kacinas (2), Musa (25), Iván Cruz (4) and Mahalbasic (13) -five starting-; Erik Quintela, Sollazzo, Kalinoski (2), Lukovic (8), Sakho (10) and Larsen.

Partial: 17-22, 34-32 (rest); 59-52 and 83-75 (final).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Vicente Bultó and Joaquín García González. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the twelfth day of the Endesa League, postponed on December 5 due to a technical failure and played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla before 5,197 spectators, according to official data