ANDhe 39-year-old Catalan guard, Rafa Martínez, will continue one more season at Baxi Manresa after confirming it himself this Thursday in a video of the Endesa League.

Thus, the Catalan club and the same competition will continue to enjoy the game of one of the historic Spanish basketball players, who will play his 20th campaign at ACB.

Rafa Martínez’s continuity has become a constant unknown at the end of each season due to his age (he is the fourth oldest player in the Endesa League). Even so, the Santpedor (Barcelona) guard has revealed on more than one occasion that he has physically felt very well at the end of the season.

Curiously, the announcement of Rafa Martínez’s continuity was not announced by Baxi Manresa in the first place, but by the Endesa League itself in a video where different protagonists appear such as its coach, Pedro Martínez, or the forward of Valencia Basket Víctor Claver, as well as former Barça legend Juan Carlos Navarro. They talk about their extensive career to end by confirming that it will continue for another year.

At the beginning of the video, the protagonists and ex-teammates of Martínez implied that he was retiring but, at the end, the Baxi Manresa player appears and says verbatim “It’s not going to be” to announce that he is still active. Thus, the Nou Congost will be able to give a standing ovation to one of its most decorated players for at least one more season.

For Rafa Martínez, the previous season passed without injuries and playing the 36 Endesa League games with Baxi Manresa. With an average of 15.16 minutes per game, the Catalan has been able to score 6.6 points with 43.8 percent from three-point shots.

A season in which Martínez has also managed to break an individual record: his top rebounds in a game, with 8 against Baskonia, which was also the last game of the season and in which the Manresa team won 71-68 .