The Sevillian coach was accompanied by the entity’s president, Jaime Auday, who, at the beginning of his appearance, made a gesture of remembrance towards Javier Imbroda, who recently passed away. Regarding the arrival of Rafa Monclova, the maximum Azulino president highlighted his career and explained that from the first moment they were clear that Monclova was the number one candidate to occupy the bench: “On the board of directors we had several names on the table, but It didn’t take long for us to choose Rafa. I want to wish him the best of luck and that he helps us get out of this sporting situation”.

Later it was the turn of Rafa Monclova, who in his first words as Azulino coach also had words of remembrance for the figure of Javier Imbroda.

Getting into the matter, the Sevillian wanted to thank Jaime Auday and his board of directors for the trust placed in him in these difficult times and pointed out the enthusiasm with which he faces the challenge: “I want to thank the entire club for the trust. I come with the maximum enthusiasm and desire to work and try to make the team better. There are seven games left and our first objective is to make the team as competitive as possible”.

Monclova pointed out that his idea this season was not to train, but that he could not refuse the proposal of a club that was very dear to him and with as much history as Melilla: “This year my idea was to watch basketball, but Melilla is a club dear to me and I have very good memories of my time as a player. When they told me about the option of being able to come, I changed the idea a bit and I think that the wickers that exist can be in another place that the squad deserves and the club deserves”.

The new occupant of the dean’s bench acknowledged his concern after the game against Covirán Granada last Tuesday, although he highlighted the involvement he has seen in the squad in these first sessions: “I didn’t like what I saw in Granada at all. It is true that the team came from a difficult week and the mood level was not the best, but these days we are already trying to change that. In these two sessions I only have words of thanks and to highlight the involvement that I am seeing”.

As for the goal set, Monclova stated that now they are only focused on Sunday’s match against Leyma Coruña: “Right now we only have one goal, which is none other than trying to beat Coruña on Sunday. Everything is very even and we have to focus on the next game. We have to start competing, because the competitive level was very low. We are going to try to change this through work and my game philosophy”.

Regarding what he thought of the team, the Andalusian coach stated that he has seen a talented squad, but that he needs to defend himself: “The players have to be aware that Melilla Sport Capital is a historic institution and that they have to take a step go ahead. We have to save the category and for that we have to be concentrated in each match. I think we’re talented enough to beat anyone, but we have to get behind as we can’t afford to give up almost 90 points a game.”

Finally, Monclova pointed out that there are no excuses and that everyone has to work to try to give the maximum of a squad that, in his opinion, has not yet shown it: “The squad is what it is. I ask the players not to make excuses for anything and I’m not going to make any either. We can’t cry and I think there’s a squad to give more performance than we’re giving and we’re going to try”.