Levitec Huesca La Magia will have Rafael Casanova and Maverick Rowan on its squad for this season. Both players came to test during the preseason and will continue during the course playing with the Huesca team.

Rafael Casanova, 193 cm forward who played for the Ciudad de Ponferrada Basketball Club last season, in the words of Sergio Lamúa, coach of Levitec Huesca La Magia, “stands out for his offensive qualities, his scoring ability with great shooting threat and his good reading of the game ”. Likewise, Lamúa points out that he is a “player who comes from doing very good years at LEB Plata and who is at a time of important maturity that will surely help the team to grow.”

For his part, Maverick Rowan is “a player with many points in his hands and who, due to his threat from the perimeter, can fix the defensive attention and generate spaces for his teammates to take advantage of both in the interior game and in 1×1 situations,” he points out. Lamúa.

In addition, the coach of the peñista team highlights his “versatility, since he can play in two positions, in addition to being a player with very good technical resources.” On the other hand, Lamúa hopes that “Rowan’s growth comes from getting to know the competition and its tactical readings.” A process in which “your desire to be here and to progress in your career” will surely help.

Both players will officially debut with Levitec Huesca La Magia this Friday in the first game of the season. The match corresponding to day 1 will be against TAU ??Castelló at the Ciutat de Castelló Pavilion at 20:45.