The press conference, live

Reactions to Pau Gasol’s statement on his withdrawal

One of the great architects of the success of the Spanish basketball team and Gasol’s partner, José Manuel Calderón, says goodbye to Pau:

The Spanish Olympic Committee does not forget one of its most illustrious ambassadors, who will also become part of the organization:

The most anticipated congratulations, that of his friend and in turn Spanish sports legend, Rafael Nadal:

More reactions from the world of politics, this time from Olanda Díaz, Minister of Labor:

Pedro Sánchez also has words of gratitude for the figure of Gasol:

Another of the figures of Spanish sports, Iker Casillas:

Pau’s greatest sporting rival, Real Madrid, pays tribute to him:

One of the most special farewells, the farewell to La Familia:

The club of all his life, Barcelona, ??dismisses the legend:

The reactions of Valencia and Students:

Another team from our basketball, Betis, reacts to Gasol’s withdrawal:

Breogán also dismisses the legend of Pau Gasol:

Villarreal refers to the legacy of the center of Sant Boi:

18.38 hours. Pau Gasol’s farewell press conference ends.

18.35 hours. Sacrifices to retire

“When you do what you want, you don’t sacrifice anything, you have to be grateful. Everything has an end. We will channel this energy into other projects.”

18.33 hours. Current ambassadors of Spanish sport

“You try to inspire those who come behind, I hope that we could have had that impact. Spanish sport has been at a very high level, we must continue to invest in sports, in infrastructures, in support. In golf there is a lot of level now too” .

18.32 hours. Dedication to the little ones

“I am involved with the academy and with my brother Marc, with a very strong project in Basket Girona. Also with Banco Santander to help athletes in a period of transition.”

18.29 hours. Toughest opponent he has ever faced

“I would not highlight one above anyone else. I have been lucky enough to face opponents who have made me better. Nowitzki, Duncan and Garnett were the leaders in that position. Playing against Marc was also very difficult but very beautiful and special” .

18.27 hours. First objectives at the IOC

“Learn and listen. Understand how it works. I have already had meetings at the COE and I want to know the opinion of the athletes. I have to know how they are and how they feel.”

18.26 hours. Goals you have not achieved

“I do not think about what I have not achieved, I appreciate everything I have achieved.”

18.24 hours. Reference for future generations

“I would tell the children to discover what they are passionate about and that sport is present in their lives. Let them enjoy everything they can without limits or arrogance.”

18.23 hours. Life trajectory

“Life is very short. The record is there and I am proud. Nobody gives you any title, but having more or less points or titles does not change your life, everything is part of being in special teams, with teammates and special trainers “.

18.20 hours. Future as a coach

“It is something that requires a lot of dedication, you can ask any coach here. I look for versatility of concerns, I am demanding. I am going to explore being a consultant or the executive path, with a high level of dedication but with something more flexibility. Now a learning stage begins. “

18.19 hours. Best moment of his career

“All moments are special and when you mature you learn to value everything. I value every moment equally. If you have good people around like I have had, a career can be on the right track.”

18.17 hours. Assessment of your career

“Very grateful for the affection of the fans. Being able to go to Spain and being loved is very special, you don’t take it for granted. For me it is a very great compliment. Our time in world basketball has been very positive. I have had the luck that basketball is a sport more often. I made the decision after playing the Games, I had that idea but I had to weigh it, I didn’t want to take a big risk. “

18.14 hours. Debut with loss in the NBA

“I’ve always been very demanding of myself, it didn’t go well but over time you put everything down. I went back to my house and took it with humility.”

18.13 hours. La Liga with Barça

“It is a gift to play these last months, and to have finished with a title and against the eternal rival is the very special one for me.”

18.10 hours. The legacy

“To be remembered as someone who has given everything, who has done his best and who has given himself. It is very good to play as I have played until I was 41 years old. Thankful to have had the career that I have had.”

18.08 hours. Her future

“A stage as a player is closing but this continues, the illusion of doing new projects and thank you very much to all.”

17:55 hours. Thanks to the family

“To my family, my brothers, our wives, our children, family is everything. My family left everything to come to Memphis. They helped me in everything, I will always thank you.”

17:50 hours. Tears for Kobe

“I would like to make a special mention of my partner Kobe Bryant, but that’s life … it’s very unfair sometimes. We miss him and his daughter Gigi. He taught me to be a better leader, a winner, and I have always considered him a big brother. “

17:45 hours. Spain, his other family

“To La Familia, who gave us a Laureus award, thanks to the Federation. We have always had a team with a very special spirit, we played without complexes or reservations. I highlight the figure of Juan Carlos Navarro, since apart from the great player you have been and your talent, you taught the sense of friendship. When I was 16, little by little you opened my eyes and I knew I had a friend. Very happy because at that time I did not understand the concept of friendship, you have always been a reference. That stays there forever. “

17:40 hours. Marc, referent and rival

“I also have the memory of my brother Marc, who always helped me to compete, and your collaboration always It has been very special. “

17:35 hours. All your coaches

“The figure of the coach is very important. I thank all of you who have been able to come. I have learned from each coach. When I was 6-7 years old, I agreed with Miquel and the concept of the triple threat; also Juan José Campos, who I also thank Quim, who emphasized defense a lot, I thank him for his dedication. Also Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich, on a professional level, for having contributed to having formed me as a person. “

17:30 hours. Thanks to the fans and the media

“I thank the fans who have always supported me, when the pavilion vibrates they make you feel very special. I also want to thank all the physios, coaches, utilleros, sponsors, all the work you have done. Among them, Pepe Casal, when Juan Carlos (Navarro) and I were kids, he helped me a lot “.

“Throughout such a long career you have to be very grateful to many people. They told me that the important thing is not to arrive, but to stay. I have always tried to be better and not put limits on myself. There have been many people who have influenced me. Life, nothing has merit if you don’t get it with the team. I thank the press that has accompanied me on this trip for the love you have shown me. “

17:25 hours. “I’m retiring from basketball”

“I am here to announce that I am retiring from professional basketball, it is a difficult and thoughtful decisionHe wanted to end up playing and enjoying himself, not with crutches. Very grateful for having been able to do it at Barça and for being able to play my fifth Olympic Games with the National Team “.

“Talking with Saras, I was able to contribute to the team in an unexpected way. I have made friends with many players. I have had the opportunity to play with La Familia again, just being able to play was a great success.”

“I am a person of challenges and I was excited to play in front of my girl. Thanks to the involvement of Raúl López, a teammate on the court, everything was possible. In San Francisco, we formed a team to do it. I was very calm because I had given it. everything in my career. “

“In May 2019 I had to have surgery, we signed with Portland with the ambitious desire to play in 6 months, until another fracture line appeared in the same bone. We decided to do another operation on the scaphoid to improve my health.”

Take the floor Pau Gasol.

Also Pau Gasol’s wife, Catherine McDonnell, along with her daughter, appear on the scene. With his brothers present, the great protagonist of the day enters, Pau Gasol.

Marc Gasol makes an appearance with his family. Another of the prominent faces of national basketball comes to accompany his brother at a crucial moment in his personal life.

Small delay in the start of the press conference that was scheduled at 5.15pm. Personalities such as Sarunas Jasikevicius, Juan Carlos Navarro or Jorge Garbajosa come to the Liceo to show their support at this time for the great figure of Spanish basketball.

Good afternoon and welcome to the press conference in which Pau Gasol will announce his future in basketball! Starting at 5:00 pm today there will be an announcement that seems more aimed at retirement after 21 active seasons in which it has become the greatest reference in the history of Spanish basketball. A differential player who helped bring down all the complexes of national sport with a determination and audacity never seen before.

The press conference will take place in an incomparable setting such as the emblematic Gran Teatro Liceo de Barcelona. The player from Sant Boi, current president of the Gasol Foundation and member of the IOC Athletes Commission, has summoned the media to communicate his decision surrounded by family, friends and colleagues, who wanted to be with Pau in the It seems that it will be his last public appearance as a professional athlete.

16 moments in Pau Gasol’s career

If Pau Gasol leaves basketball, he will do so as the best Spanish player in history after accumulating an enviable record in which they enter two NBA rings, three ACB leagues, a World Cup, three European golds with the Spanish team, two Olympic silver and up to six more metals with a Spain that he helped to place at the top of world basketball.

A career marked by great moments as was his choice as number 3 in the draft, his appointment as Rookie of the Year, his signing for the largest NBA franchise such as the Lakers, his brotherhood with Kobe, the World Cup in Japan or the Eurobasket semifinals against France in 2017 in the best individual performance remembered with the Spain shirt.

BRAND, always with him

Few times has an athlete in the world managed to attract so many spotlights towards him. And that has been the constant in Pau Gasol’s career, capable of breaking down barriers with the same ease with which he achieved a mate. That’s why only with remember BRAND covers One could get a perfect idea of ??the enormous dimension that a player who is unrepeatable has had during these last two decades.

A myth at Staples and the NBA

In the last hours there have been recognitions and tributes to the figure of Pau Gasol. But there are still many more to come, such as his induction into the Hall of Fame or seeing how the Lakers retire his number. as requested by Jesús Sánchez, one of the journalists who has followed Pau’s career the most: “There are magnificent myths in Spanish sport, I don’t know if I would put him first but I’m sure he would be on the podium of the three best athletes in history. For me he is the second best Spanish athlete behind Rafa Nadal. Pau Gasol is a highly respected athlete in the United States and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers they will remove his shirt “